When Miracles Happen

Close to thirty years ago, I was born and I today as everyday passes me by I tend to observe people.. Analyze them.. Look deep into their souls..And I tend more and more to realize that people are the greatest miracle of all time..

The first miracle were my family…Three people whom I’ve not just learned a lot from but have always been moral, logical and emotional support..It’s something rare to find that you are able to find the balance and common ground within your family and feeling you are that piece of the puzzle that fits in that specific role.. I being the nagging energetic and talkative younger son have always been supported by my father who always thought that “I’m a trying to be a philosopher and solve everyone’s problems”, yet when I walked into his office one day and spent a day with him I found him doing the exact thing when very different people walked into his office for his advice and he had so much of their respect..Young and old ones alike..

My mother  the extremely emotional and passionate person who pursued her passion of arts despite being turned down as a young lady by my grandfather  did her best in bringing us up, enriching us with culture and arts and above all bearing the  weight of brining up two very opposite characters such as myself and my brother..My mother was an inspiration in many things in my life something perhaps one may tend to realize the  more they grow older..

My brother who has been a lifelong companion bearing with my nagging and noise all the time but loving and supporting none the less and always trying to do give his younger brother the best.. We share so many things despite the fact that we do not share many character traits.. But the laughs we share.. The songs we sing.. The way our father brought us up.. It’s us back to back against the world.. Even if sometimes one of us feels like throwing the other out of the window. We are always bonded..

People have always been a major and very important part of my life.. Friends that come and others that go.. They have all left a mark on me.. By enriching me with knowledge or enriching me with experience..

I fell in love seven times and yes I do say I fell in love… I was not blind, I knew what I was doing and I moved on with my life..Until my wife came along and whole new world came with it..A life was born.. My daughter which even made our bond even more special.. Watching her grow even if she drives me crazy at points when I feel her mom’s spoiling her.. But just watching and observing the love and care her mother is able to give and how she can bare and tolerate and I remember my mother and what we did..

A complete miracle in the making..My second miracle..An ongoing live miracle which I pray for everyday out loud and in secret to give me the strength and the energy and heart to maintain..

The last but not least of miracles are the people I live with everyday.. The people that touch me that touch my life.. That have driven me to shape my mind and become the man I am today..

People like the friends I got to know may they be in the cultural team I take part of or people who read the writings and spend time and effort to listen to what I have to say..

People who bare with my arguments and very very very long discussions.. I know I am a pain in the neck.. The people who have marked my life by their presence.. They are miracles of their own..

The people who have entrusted me with their secrets.. Their hopes and dreams and have looked at me as a best friend and a brother or a close bond.. They are miracles of their own.. They float in another category.. People like them are an important taste of life…

Perhaps when we look at life and we learn to see things.. it is important to appreciate the people we have in our lives.. The love and support they show.. Even if someone did hurt us.. They have taught us something about them as well as about ourselves..

People are miracles in the happening.. Every single moment of the day.. Someone just appears out of nowhere.. A year later they are your best friend.. A miracle.. A pure and sheer miracle..

We don’t realize how much we affect one another positively and negatively.. But there’s a magic we cannot deny.. Yet we completely miss to see..

If you have read these words and you think… Or you feel it means anything to you perhaps you should check on a long lost friend and give them a call or a loved one you miss..

If these words have no echo in the back of your mind even.. Simply.. Appreciate the people in your life..

People are when miracles happen..

7 thoughts

  1. well said my dear friend….. keep the very sensitive spirit that ( as i always tell you )


    and all my respects to your parents , who shaped your charactere as well as you samall lovely family , your brother , and all your friends ….

    thank you for being my friend


  2. We met in an unusual way 15 years ago–we were pen pals! I am so grateful to be back in touch with you and to hear about your sweet little daughter and lovely wife. Its amazing how much time can change our circumstances, but not our friendship. I am honored to have you as a friend, and love that you like to talk and talk about things! Because I do too, and I always have questions you seem to have the answers to.
    Thank you for being you and for sharing your wonderful gifts with everyone!
    God Bless you and your family!

  3. “We don’t realize how much we affect one another positively and negatively.. But there’s a magic we cannot deny.”…….I believe in these words so much
    and I really do appreciate the people in my life…and you are one of them my friend

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