Snatched back – 3 –

Sherif sat there for a moment..Trying to do anything to keep his mind off the card..Something kept drawing him to it, he wanted to know what is behind it and what would this man want but on top of all the question that kept roaming his mind was who was this man?

He picked up the card and dropped it in his glass of water and as the numbers all showed up on the card, he then picked up his phone and dialed the number.

As soon as he began to hear the phone ringing when he suddenly was taken out of all of this..

Sherif woke up to the sound of his alarm, “Crap” he exclaimed, it was the second alarm to go off and this means he’s late for work.

He quickly jumped out of bed and picked up his jeans and t-shirt, ran to the bathroom and got dressed and freshened up and all set to go..

Sherif picked up his company badge and ran across the hall way of his apartment. His apartment was quite a mess, with his laptop on the living room table open and running, his shoes at the apartment entrance..Since his father passed away he let himself free of all the military style of life he lived for the past thirty years…

He picked up his shoes and then remembered he forgot to get some socks and ran back in getting the socks and then wore his shoes, grabbed his car keys and left…

Sherif left the building and drove to his work; he worked as a software security specialist so by many he was considered a nerd and most of his talk was words that needed entire dictionaries just to translate what he says.

Sherif’s house was in Marghany, Heliopolis and his work was at one of the notorious Nile Towers by the Nile Kornish, the drive took him about an hour and half since the day had already started

He arrived quite late this time, and his boss greeted him “Well Mr.Sherif, how thoughtful of you to drop by us today? Would you like us to serve you breakfast perhaps?”

“Mr.Mamoun,  I apologize , I just over slept..” Sherif replied trying to explain.. But Mamoun interrupted him “On to your desk, consider that today’s not even paid! And I’ll see through it that you get what you deserve! Now on to your desk Mr.”

Sherif shook his head and moved to his cubicle mumbling about the situation..

He sat at his desk and started his computer and watched silently as the booting process started..

“Morning buddy! I see ol’ Mamoun gave you the kicks?” a sound came from behind Sherif..

“Yeah well Nader, am not his favorite you know, never was, because I always showed him as an idiot in front of everyone! And he is!” Sherif replied

Nader laughed “You don’t have that diplomatic sense of dealing with people that’s why you’re stuck here!”

Sherif nodded “Well if it’s not for me, then it’s not just for me!”

Nader added “You have to work on it man, am not telling you go French kiss the bastard but don’t make him look for an idiot in front of everyone!”

Sherif “He asks for it! He goes into technicalities which he has absolutely no idea about..”

Nader interrupted him “That’s the point, dude he’s the manager, he’s supposed to do that regardless of the fact of being an idiot or not that’s what every manager does!! Start living with it! “

Sherif silenced for a moment before adding”I haven’t been sleeping well Nader for the past week, I get these dreams, I can’t explain.. And every time I feel close to understanding what’s going on, it’s like someone pulls the plug something just snatches me back to reality!”

Nader raised one eye brow before smiling and adding “Have you been watching those matrix movies again Sherif?” and he laughed a little..

“No I haven’t, very funny! Joker man! Am telling you I don’t sleep well I wake up as if I’ve been running all sweaty and stuff!”

“When was the last time you took a vacation man?” Nader asked..

“I don’t remember a couple of years ago?” Sherif replied.

Sherif then added “Do you know any good doctors or so? I think I need to take some medication or so to get me to sleep”

“My cousin’s a neurologist. Maybe you can go and see him and see what’s wrong? “ Nader replied

“Ok, call him up and I’ll go when he’s free..”Sherif answered back

Nader pulled out his cell and dialed his cousin and booked an appointment for Sherif on the same day..

“Thanks a million man” Sherif said.. And Nader nodded smiling “no problems dude.. see you at lunch break..”

“See you” he replied

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