When the mask breaks

The slap rang on her face so hard in threw her to the ground..She looked up at him with tearful eyes “I couldn’t help it I was so lonely please forgive me!”..She backed away as he moved forward “You betrayed me! You lied to me for five years.. And you went into his arms! Him the one who had tried to bring us apart fifteen years ago.. Why? What have I ever done to you? You miserable being! I’ve brought the world to your feet! I gave you everything a man can offer..You knew my job involved my travels for so long.. I never lied to you..If you don’t want me why not just say so!!”

He was breathing very heavily as he stood right in front of her and a hail of slaps landed on her face throwing her face left and right.. He kept slapping her infinitely until she passed out… He looked at her silently..

He slowly pulled out his gun”There’s nothing that can repair the damage you have done to me ..Nothing! You have taken away my life and shattered it into dust..You turned every dream I dreamt, every castle I’ve built into a mirage!! How could you!! How dare you!!”

He kept screaming and shouting at her..But she was unconscious.. Finally he pointed the gun to her heart and fired..

The bullet went right through her heart as she began to bleed.. He crumbled to his knees and began to cry “You took my world, You took my life.. You have left me soulless… I can never live another day…”

“Cut!”The voice came from behind them as the team gathered to help the famous actress up and she looked at him “Those slaps were real! What’s gone into you! Or can’t you split between your torn life and your job!” She walked off the set looking at the director “It’s about time you start getting some people who know what the hell they’re doing!”

He looked silently at the set and went to his room “Can’t you split between your torn life and your job!” , those words rang in his head like thunder..

He sat in his chair and leaned his head against his palm as he began to talk to himself “I’m torn..I’m a tormented being..Despite the fact that I’m famous and that I can have almost every girl I desire.. A broken man who could not lead a normal life nor lead the life of the rich and famous.. Funny how I am still able to go on set and perform those series and movies..And the nightmares begin when it’s all over.. When I’m here in this room where everything shatters and falls..I fall in love with almost every actress I work with..Where is all of this leading to? Where does that fit in the world? I eat food I cannot taste, I drink water that does not quench my thirst.. I smile to people but I feel blank, I cry on set but I feel no pain.. Everything is fake! Fake! Fake!! God damn it!!!  I tried to marry twice but couldn’t commit..I have no children..Even that simple man who brings me my clothes leads a better life than I do, despite not having the amount of money that I have! But what has money done for me? Nothing only rendered me more miserable… ”

He silently thought..As he pulled from his back pocket a small sack filled with white powder.. He placed it on his dresser.. Got up and went to his room’s door and made sure it was closed.. He sat back and looked at the amount that existed..It was a bit much than his regular..There was a small fridge in his room he opened it picked a small juice box and ripped off the straw from it.. He sat back at his chair, placed the straw on the substance as he blocked one side of his nose and inhaled..He inhaled deeply..And he took it all..He rest his head back and closed his eyes for a moment then opened them up he could see himself back in school standing on the school stage playing his first play ever “Merchant of Venice” , he played Shilock..He kept staring there silently and smiled…

A while later his assistant came in to check on him.. He knocked on the door.. But no response came through..He knocked again then entered only to find him staring up at the ceiling and smiling..  The assistant called on him but he didn’t reply..He went to pat him on the shoulder.. But nothing..  As he slight moved his head leaning it forward.. The head just dropped and almost hit the dresser..”Somebody help me!! I think he’s dead!!!” the assistant shouted as loud as he could..

Everyone rushed to the dressing room to see what’s going on.. The actress came walking slowly.. Looked at the body..And turned to the director “I quit.. This thing is jinxed and I don’t want anything to do with some overdosed dead actor!”

That smiled was the last thing he had…

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