What happens when Darth Vader lives in Egypt!

Idea: Ok I watched the new trailer of the game for Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2, and what came to my mind what if Darth Vader lived in Egypt..And here’s how it goes..

If you’re unfamiliar with Star Wars then you should know this.. There are several forces that Darth Vader control

Force Push: Pushing everything surrounding him..Push [] <—- Playstation Square button

Force Pull: Pulling everything surrounding him.. Push ∆

Force grip: Grabs and can choke everything or crush anything ….push O

Force lightning: Electrifies anything, he points to push X


*Imperial Galaxy music in the background*

Darth in his apartment headed for the door.. *Force pull*.. Takes off the door..Waits for the elevator..He lives on the thirteenth floor…The elevator opens six people are inside complaining about the crowdedness of the elevator.

Vader takes his usual deep breath.. And does a force push that splits them..Squishing everyone at the sides of the elevator…and decides to just float down to the ground using levitation

He reaches the ground floor and gets out everyone tries to get out and just fall on one another..The doorman rushes to him “Lord Vader, The kid on the fifteenth parkedt his car in front of your mighty Shahin!”

He goes to his Shahin and a new Kia Cerato behind him blocking his way.. Breathes heavily

With a force grip carries the car and puts it on top of the next building!

He rides his car drives to work.. A constable comes next to him to for speeding and asks him to pull over..

Darth Vader pulls over.. The constable walks up to him, asks him for his license.. With a for grip he hangs the constable in the air.. With a force pull pulls down his trousers.. And puts him down and leaves..

On his way he finds a Ramsis car driving on the left lane of Salah Salem road on 40 km/hr, he tries to honk for it.. And the Ramsis driver gets out his hand and gives him the finger ….Darth gets out his hand and uses a force grip and crushes the car rendering it into a cube where the driver is sitting in the cube , and just lets it go as the cube falls down hitting the ground.. The Ramsis driver is stunned and begins to cry!

Darth arrives at work..The secretary greets him.. And tell him his wife asked for him.. He force pushes the secretary through the wall as she ends up in another department… The Chief financial officer walks up to him and Darth electrifies him with the force lightning and roasts the guy..

Darth finally reaches into his office.. Removes his cloak.. Wears a purple tie.. Breathes slowly and then picks up the phone..He dials a number..A few seconds later the other party responds..

“Darth!! You promised me last night I would find my surprise this morning!” his wife came at him

“But..” he tried  to reply

“No buts! And what’s with all the forces you’re using! Haven’t I told you a million times! No force using in traffic!”

“But!” he tried again

“Again but?? What are you? You and your heavy breathing..aaaaaaaaah all the time! “She snapped at him again..

“I want that diamond ring and I want it today.. You’re not coming home until you get it!”

“Yes dear!”

Darth hangs up the phone and with a force push pushes his office door and it flies off outside..

In the office lobby one of the employees shouts “Incoming!”

Everyone ducks except the mailman who gets the door in his face and faints..

“He’s new.. He’ll learn..” employee no.1 pointing to the mailman

“I guess it’s his wife again.. She’s so demanding!” employee no.2

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