The memories remain

She woke up a few hours later feeling very heavy and she realized she has not eaten anything since she left Paris and It’s been over twelve hours now..

She got out of the room and walked around the house for a bit till she reached a specific spot..There was a chess table with it’s crystal pieces still arranged as they were from the last game she had with her father.. She always heard him say “Chess is a game of mind, body and life”, he was always able to predict her moves and the few times she had successfully beat him were like a day in history for her

She looked at the chess pieces.. Then arranged the table so it would be ready for another game as she whispered “One day we’ll do this again”

Her hunger was beginning to get to her..

She went to her cell phone and picked up one of numbers on it then dialed it from her parent’s land line..

A few rings on the other end before it was picked up “Hello?”, “Hi Aunty..It’s me..” she  replied her calmly..

“Rania is that you?” the lady replied..

“Yes..” Rania replied calmly then added “How are you aunty?”

The lady answered “Oh my God I can’t believe it’s you, it’s been so long!! Where are you?? Are you at your at your parent’s place?”

“Yes, aunty…I had to come by..I just had to..” she said

The lady silently began to tear while she talked “I understand dear, will you be staying there? And how long are you staying? And when did you arrive?”

“I want to stay here at the moment, I don’t know for how long will I be in Egypt but hopefully not more than a year..I arrived a few hours ago and slept and just woke up and I’m terribly hungry..” Rania replied

“I’ll bring lunch and come down by you right away..And get the doorman to get you some groceries..”the  aunt replied

“Thank you aunty, I’ll be waiting for you..”

Half an hour later Rania’s aunt came down to her with food and when Rania opened the door her aunt placed the food on the nearest table and hugged Rania so warmly that Rania missed to the extent that Rania began to tear.. She had forgot how that hug felt and it was something she missed so much in her life..

A little while later Rania sat down and began to eat, she was so hungry she could the entire table with the food on it!

And after eating Rania fixed herself and her aunt some tea..

“What do you plan to do now?” her aunt asked..

“I don’t know at the moment but I need to find a job, settle things for paper work and so on and once done, I will go back to Paris.”

“You haven’t considered staying for good?” her aunt asked..

“No not really, I don’t want to aunty, I don’t like it here anymore.. Everything is always out of place and out of order..I just can’t take that, I’m still worried about working here as it is already..But I definitely do not want to stay here..”

“Ok..As you wish dear..I hope things turn out for the best for you” her aunt replied..

Rania tried to switch the subject..

“Thank you aunty, and how’s the family and everyone?” Rania asked

“They’re all fine so far so good, Ahmed my son now is studying computer engineering in Cairo University in his third year, and Nabila just joined the faculty of commerce of Cairo University the English section.”

“Great..That’s great to hear Aunty..”

They both sat and chatted for a while.. Then her aunt had to leave..

But before she could leave Rania stopped her and smiled gently “It’s great to have seen you again after all this time..”

Her aunt smiled and caressed her cheek “So it is the same here my child!”

Then her aunt left..

Rania closed the door and headed quickly into her room, she opened it and watched every single inch of it before throwing herself in her bed.. Her old childhood bed with all the posters and stickers of stars and singers of her time..A time capsule of fifteen years is exactly what her room is..The recorders, And early disc-players.. She opened her closet and stood there laughing for a moment and decided to do the silliest thing ever..Try on her fifteen year old clothes or what remained of them..

She looked at herself in the mirror and dropped laughing on her bed…

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