Out of love or life and into the frying pan

Yep that’s how it is with most of people whenever we pass by a difficult problem we just get ourselves into a frying pan where we keep on twitching and twirling in pain for a whole eternity!

Sad part is, we are doing it to ourselves..Whenever we get hurt we always have to find someone to blame, sometimes it’s us and some other times it’s the other party and interestingly enough in other cases we blame the entire world or an entire specie!

Like when you find a guy who was in love with a girl for example or , she breaks up with him, then automatically all the girls are liars and so and so and so and so..

But hold your horses and hold up for a moment before you go all Bankai or unleashing your hellish powers on yourself (not smart) or on others (even worse!)..

You need to learn to stop and take a look at yourself, what really went on? Did that person stop caring? Did you screw up at work? Did you have anything that caused what happened?

Here you need to learn objectivity.. Quite an interesting word, which simply means.. Be righteous, give yourself the credit you deserve and criticize yourself also in the amount you deserve..  If you made a mistake, admit to it , say am sorry and try to fix it, provided you didn’t really screw up like kill someone’s kid! Or Steal your boss’s new shoe or wallet or bump his car for example!!

You need to learn to accept your mistakes and that you learn from them even if you end up losing someone! That’s part of life sometimes, but you need to accept and live with it..It’s neither fun or nice.. But it’s not impossible either!

So once you’ve accepted that and you moved on , time to understand that you can’t please everyone the story of “Goha , His son & their donkey!” no matter what you do in life you WILL NEVER please everyone.. There will be some who are pleased, some very pleased, some indifferent and some who just hate your guts for no obvious reason!

Next thing you do, you don’t take any crap from no one.. If someone decides to dump you, leave you, ignore you then don’t even try to care about their feelings.. Yeah it’s hard and there were beautiful memories but remember that didn’t matter to them, so it shouldn’t matter to you either.. They decided to take you just like that throw you out of their lives.. Then you do the same..

Am I mean? No I certainly am not mean nor senseless nor any of that.. But simply I take a practical look at things..You preserve your feelings for someone who really cares about them. If someone breaks up with you decently then you can at least respect them and even keep them as a friend, and yes it is doable! I’ve done it and so can you, I’m no twenty fifth century invention.. I used my brains for five minutes and so can you!

You go at work, you have a manager who turns your life into a living nightmare.. Learn to deal with it, you will reach a point where it has no effect anymore.. You need to learn to separate work from your life, because it definitely usually turns you into a worse person.. You get all cranky all the time, you blow up in people’s faces.. You can’t take two words of criticism and basically you turn into an intolerable human being.. Everyone has a boss.. Most of us don’t have the angelic boss who will make your life great and always be understanding and communicating with you on all levels.. But still you need to manage..

Don’t blow up in people’s faces.. Manage yourself.. Manage your mind.. Manage your heart.. Treat those who deserve your respect with respect.. Be decent to everyone else..If they abuse your decency whack them! Yep plain and simple Whack them like there’s no tomorrow and that it’s your God sent duty!

We all have good sides in us and bad ones.. Nourish the good.. Keep the bad up and ready for when someone who really deserves it comes along.. Ignore people who have no value..No value doesn’t refer to have no value to you.. But rather Should not have that value you attribute to them because obviously they don’t deserve it..

On top of all this smile.. This is the cherry on top and where all the magic comes.. Smiling really works.. It makes you feel better.. Look for joke, a laugh.. Something to feel good about..Why the hell not? You put up with crappy people.. You’re entitled  to some good feelings about yourself..

Don’t be a troublemaker unless needed.. Don’t tolerate people who won’t respect you..Don’t crumble to your knees at every wound that hurts you.. Spray it, put bandage on it..  And get up and move along..

Life is too short and too precious to waste on depressions and driving yourself crazy for twelve hours of the day.. While you sleep the other eight and spend the remaining four between eating and the bathroom!

So Good morning to you.. Begin your day with a smile.. And fight back for everything you deserve!

NOTE: Bankai is a term from a Japanese Anime Called bleach, Bankai is when the wielder of the sword releases the true form of the sword which more or less is another side of him And usually the mighty powerful him..So it’s basically releasing yourself like a loose canon if you would like !

5 thoughts

  1. very well said yaA TAREK ,,, I wish I could follow this prescription ,,, but what I can say is rabena al mosta3aan ,,,,, with good intentions I do keep trying ,,,,

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