Chew your problems with cold milk for breakfast

We “Humans” are known to be quite problematic specie and if there’s no problem we will definitely do something about that! “I can’t just be problem free you know! Something has to happen! I must keep thinking about something to solve for myself or someone else or even give someone something to think about!”

In life we are constantly challenged by several and many problems or obstructions that block our path in life, and the way we handle these problems and deal with them has an effect on our personality and our perception of matters.

Take for example when you get burned by touching something hot, normally people would just be more careful next time, while someone else might just decide “I’m not handling anything hot anymore!” and someone else will just keep getting themselves burned over and over again..

Learning is a constant process but what’s important is how you learn and what you learn..

If you take or regard your problem as bubble, you won’t realize it’s a bubble because the fact is .. You are inside the bubble! That’s why all you see around you is the problem, and you think it’s so darned big you can’t see  anything else.. “So what do you do about that?” someone will ask me.. Well it’s simple..”Step out of the darned Bubble and you’ll be able to see it’s true size!

“Easier said than done!” that’s completely accurate, but in the end lets take a look at everything good or useful we do, you will realize that nothing good or useful we do comes easy.. Everything requires effort.. Will and determination.. If you want to stay in the bubble, you’ll stay there, if you want fix it or try your best to fix it then start stepping out of it bit by bit and work on seeing where’s the problem coming from and how should you begin to fix it.

Attitude is everything about you, it’s who you are, whether you choose to be a positive person or a negative person is something totally up to you, once again yes it’s in your hands.. Sometimes we believe that we’re waiting for “The one” or “Superman” or “The grand helper” who will come and wash away all your problems and make you live happily ever after or bring you back on track.. I won’t tell you it doesn’t happen.. Because it does in several times but ..

This but is very important.. Why do you want to rely on waiting for someone who might or might not come along and solve your problems? Why don’t you take the lead on your life.. Why don’t you work on improving yourself and the way you think and live?

Nothing is impossible unless you let it be.. Nothing is easy either.. Yes it’s difficult.. It’s painful sometimes.. But it’s worth it.. Isn’t it worth it to know how to handle yourself in most of situations? Isn’t it useful to find that you are able to face your problems and fears and solve them without having to wait or rely on someone else?

Also some would just prefer to be victimized.. You guys are the worst..And here I refer to people who face problems who actually have a solution and don’t try to go for it.. And they know they can solve it.. But they give you the same lines every time they have an issue “I can’t!” “I’m too tired” “I don’t know!”.. They don’t even want to try to do something…

Some people try even if they don’t try the best solution.. But they try and learn! They’ll get there someday.. It’s good to try.. It’s important to learn..

Don’t lose hope on yourself.. You have a lot more to offer than you think.. You can change not just your life.. But the life of those around you even when or they don’t notice it!

I say.. Take a good long look at your problems.. Put them in a bowl.. Pour some cold milk and chew them up for breakfast!

Solve your problems.. Breathe.. Don’t choke yourself with insecurity.. Spit it out!

And again.. Smile and live!

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