Bad Ass Good Man

Yes.. I know that doesn’t make quite of sense bunt unfortunately we all have to be that person sometimes.. Let me explain what I mean..

A lot of times in life we encounter arrogant, show off, want to be impersonators.. Or plainly people who try to make you look like crap for a different set of reasons..

Some of these reasons are.. Maybe they’re jealous of you.. They see you too much of a decent person and that would overshadow them.. Or they see something you have and they want or want to push down.. Inferiority complex! And maybe they’re just plain morons who just want someone to pick on.. The Bully from high school theory..Some people never grow up from this role and always look for someone to pick on..

So what do you do to get over that situation? Either handle it as an adult and ignore the freaky moron.. Which some people just can’t do..

Some just try to swallow.. But hey.. You swallow too much one day you’ll burst.. You won’t help it.. And since you’re swallowing.. Your bust might have a chance of succeeding greatly or failing miserably.. It’s a fifty, fifty chance!

The reason why also varies as to why you swallow.. You might be scared.. Normal.. Sometimes that person can be an intimidating person in a scary way.. Could be a boss.. Could be many things.. Things that just make you think.. “mmm..I’ll just lay low..”

Well I can’t blame you for everything.. Sometimes you need to bend with the wind a bit.. But some other times you really need to stand up and go against it.. And that’s what we want to talk about here..

You might be surprised as to the amount of energy you have inside you that you have not yet discovered or witnessed and it’s up to you to find it, and make use of it.. It’s in you.. It belongs to you..So get your butt moving and get it out!

“Why?”, “I want to be a peaceful person!” , “I am not used to that” , “ I don’t think I can do that!”

Now these are pretty much comments you will get to hear in defense of one self.. I won’t tell you they may not be true.. Nothing in standard.. Sometimes it’s true sometimes it’s just someone trying to find an excuse or a way out.. They’re scared.. I can understand that..

But if you keep being scared or you don’t know what to do.. Till when can you keep taking crap from crappy people.. Who aren’t worth 25 Piasters of your time!

So what do you do? “You kick their butts.. Plain..Pure and Simple!” .. You let them have it from the first time..You don’t let them fill you up with their crap.. And do it with your own way..May that be that you give it to them with smooth and sharp criticism that it bursts their bubble and makes them look like total jackasses.. Or just plain bashing that makes them look like dirt..

Do I mean by that you are not a peaceful and friendly person? Quite the opposite.. People will realize that you are a peaceful and friendly person but when you’re pushed you can like hell push back! And will make everyone think twice before they decide to step on your toes..

The bad news is.. Every time you go somewhere new and meet new people you might or might not have to do that process over and over again.. Why? Because there are jackasses everywhere.. Why are there jackasses? Quite simple.. If there weren’t any jackasses and stupid mentalities would we where we are today? No!

So you need basically to be a bad ass yet a good man.. Hence Bad Ass Good Man… See it fits..

Stand up for yourself.. You are not a matt.. You are not people’s toilet paper to wipe their crap in you..

You stand up.. You fight.. You kick their butts.. Torch them with a flamethrower if you may.. Mop the floor with them..Do like tom and Jerry and hand them a dynamite and stick their heads in a pot so it blows up like a flower! Anything that gets these creeps to understand that they just can’t mess with you.. I would have rather used the F word for that other than mess.. But out of need for decency I resided to mess..

Don’t let anyone Mess (F) with you and stand up for yourself..Also walk heads up .. Smile , live and learn!

One thought

  1. OMG:) u r not only a unique writer Tarek! but i could sense a motivator, rather
    than a philosopher!..wanned to say.. am up to the brink swallowing!… personally wise!
    Hence, let me quote ur down to earth words:) ” ..till when can we keep taking crap! from crappy ppl?!

    Has any one told before, u could fit to be a leader? not for a gang? hehehe..but for good ppl, in hard, low time!..gonna make ur prescription applicable:) starting with a smile:)

    Keep up motivating our souls young man:)

    Dr. Aida

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