Mistakes that make a better day

So how silly does that sound to you?  Mistakes? A better day? Never in hell you will probably say, but by taking look at the glass from the other side, things might just turn out to be quite different then you originally thought!

As humans we’re usually and mostly trying to find something to complain about, it’s not always the case but if you do some soul searching you’ll always come across the evil “But” or “Not me, am trying to be positive!”.. Question is, are you really trying?

We’re always frustrated about the things we miss and the goals we don’t achieve and the constant comparisons in our daily lives with, who got a better salary and who’s achieved what in their lives while life just left you behind or even you stood there waiting, or whichever reason that actually happened.

I’m not telling you that bad things won’t happen or tell you that you will lead a completely fair life.. Life is fair in it’s own way, what you might perceive as a bad thing today might turn out to be the thing that saves your life even some ten years later..We’re always in a rush and too short sighted and want things to happen on the spot..Hence Frustration..And of course since we don’t get anywhere fast enough..We fall into depression..

These are all situations we all face, what differentiates us is how we react and handle these situations.. How we react to the bad experiences we go through and how we look at the mistakes we commit.

What we usually do is keep tormenting ourselves about how stupid we were to fall into mistakes.. By letting others provoke us or have their way with us, one way or another.. But you’re missing the whole point here.. You’ve done a mistake, that’s understandable.. What comes next is what really counts..Either you keep complaining about your mistake or what you did, or what you should have done.. That’s what you’ve been doing for the past fifteen years at least! It’s time to change strategies!

Simply take a look at things in that way.. “I’ve done that mistake.. I’ve learned my lesson.. Now to make things right!”.. What comes next is you actually trace the root of your problem, consider your mistake as a friend to teach you how to deal with this situation and other similar situations and work on fixing yourself..

“Easier said than done”, “You say this from where you stand, try being in my boots!”..Well heard these before a lot..But on the other hand this is where you are generating more negativity for yourself.. More crap to hold you back, except this is Self Generated Crap!  You create it! And it only makes you fall backwards into all sorts of other stuff such as depression, lack of self confidence and a much uglier and brain damaging aspects

So  why not listen to those who really care, take advices.. Think about them, I am not telling you try what everyone tells you, check out what fits you, your personality, how do you get driven to achieve something.. Encourage yourself..

Mistakes are an interesting thing to learn from, or can be a crushing element in your life if you let it..

Thinking of negativity will only give birth to more negativity and you will begin to create all sorts of excuses and things that hold you back.. Not every situation is the same , not every incident you will come across will be solved the same as the other. And sometimes you might not be able to always fix everything, but you still have to learn.. To see through matters and look behind the dark glass

Mistakes can help you make a better day and a better person of yourself.. Learn from the.. And always smile!

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