Tunes & Words

Tunes and words are something that have affected people so much since a very long time, it only not moves them but sets them in a certain mode, that would mainly depend on the type of music you are listening to, and your psychological state at that moment..

A song can stick in your mind for a couple of days for absolutely no reason and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a song that you like, can be something you don’t even like, but for some reason it touched something or the tune just got into your head..

So whether you listen to “جبار” “Powerful” by Abdel Halim Hafez or “لا تكذبي” “Do not lie” by Nagaat El Saghira , or you’re into “Salma Ya Salama” for Dalia or “It’s my life” By Jon Bon Jovi or even you go as far as “The memory remains” by Metallica..

Each song and each singer have their own flavor, their own mood and this reflects on you in your own special way..

Someone might sing in the shower.. Someone crazy like me who listens to a huge variety of western music from classical music up to some hard rock can find me swinging my hands in the car or head-banging, but that would depend on the music..

The words or the lyrics of any song alongside it’s tune is what really sends shivers down your spine.. Or even give you Goosebumps sometimes.. I know people who can cry from a song and others who might just walk on air from excitement..

How is it that a record of few minutes can do so much.. In a life where we have always been trying to find somewhere we belong as any human being mostly does.. We try to find the things that translate us.. Translate our status.. Our feelings.. Our reactions.. If you’re a guy and you’re really pissed and you turn on something like metal.. The drums and base might just give you the impression that your eyes will go black and you might even release flames and burn everything that comes your way.

And if you just happened to have a great incident that happened to you such as receiving a baby or passed an exam or something great just came your way, you might get the impression you’re in a musical and you’ll be dancing to something like “Dancing Queen” by ABBA for example..

Our memories are connected to songs.. Most of us if we’re randomly walking around and you listen to a song you haven’t heard for decades say something like the early 90s “Criss Cross” you’d find yourself remembering some old friends and school days and torn jeans and funny hair does..

It’s quite impressive what three minutes of musical instruments, a vocal and a lyrics can do to you in such as short moment.. It can be a life time experience. I for one never lived without music..

Music has been my companion since back in school, those who know me well knew I always had a walkman in school, a disc-man in college.. It sort of came a landmark “Ah, Tarek, The dude with the disc-man in his ears all the time!”

There are moments that stay with us forever and some other moments that are just spawned in that instant..

So enjoy your music.. Enjoy your lyrics.. Let yourself be moved.. Enjoy the euphoria of those few minutes.. Even if you cry.. It’s still good..

So listen … “To the Sound.. Of silence”.. Have a wonderful day.. And Always smile

One thought

  1. I thought i’m the only crazy here!.. about music! regardless of each one’s differences in
    taste, brand of musical lyrics. As i became older, found me into Shereen’s voice, hearing,
    sensing, tasting, nd even living the pain, personified in a stream of beauties leaking out
    of her legendary vocal bands. So she did, made my very special moments! stay.

    Thank u 4 ur thoughts Tarek. It reminds me every day, to listen, to forgive, nd to start
    my day with a smile:)

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