Friday night, a chance at life

Today is my wife’s birthday and this happens to sort of bring a lot of memories to mind but yet her personality and the way we live our life has impacted the way I see life.

And since I tend to learn from others and see what can I learn from them, may that be a skill or a habit..

Being the never satisfied creatures we are is something that makes us feel we’re spending our entire lives in wild goose chase.. However some get the goose sometimes.. Others get a chicken.. Some a Cow! And some get practically nothing and nowhere..

And some might realize they weren’t going anywhere in the first place.

Realizing where you are in life or where you want to go is something some try to figure out and some will just wait and see what happens.. I’m one of the people who constantly try to find a direction and a sense of understanding.. More of trying to read life and read the signs..

One of the things that tend to set people back in their lives is always getting to think the ever popular question “Why did this happen to me?” “Why always me?”.. The constant sense that chases people that God has no one in His mind but them..Folks He has more than 6.8 Billion people to look after.. Of course not to mention the dead people who have their own arrangements and time slots in His agenda!

Well we can’t deny the fact that we all sometimes feel as if the whole world has conspired against us on that specific day, incident or time..You get the feeling that nothing is working for you and you tend to think that nothing will work out and that leads to the nose dive you take into depression..

Welcome to the book of “How depress yourself in four easy steps!”…We are actually the perfect self destruction time bomb and the fun part is that we assemble it, arm it.. And push the detonation button as well! And during all of that we are also sitting in the back seat watching everything silently without taking a single step forward..

Why do we do this? Basically that’s due to the lack of vision that many of us have despite that we have great eye sight and minds…But we don’t try to think things over.. Even though when we see someone else going through the same situation you tell them to think positively..

Positivity that’s a complete other issue…Because in order to think positively and stop asking yourself the useless questions such as “Why me?” and so on.. Your beliefs need to be intact.. Your thoughts need to be intact..

We talk about our beliefs in our religion, thoughts and so on..But when time comes when ever actually act by them and we just forget about right in the midst of it but we then regain our confidence when it’s over.. We say “Thank God” but your supposed to thank God for everything that comes.. Good or bad, simply because you might not realize that what might look or be bad for you at that moment can be something good that will change you to a better person..

You need to believe, think and learn..

Keep on living.. Keep on smiling

2 thoughts

  1. U r talking wisdom, sarcasm! but thoughtful insights that cheer one’s woes! tolerated.
    Hope not to be addicted to reading ur random thoughts on daily basis, as am addicted
    to Shereen’s tunes:) ya Tarek

    Hope u put a smile on ur Wife’s in her Day:),
    My smile is still on. thanx.

  2. جميله اوي يا طارق و بتفكرني بمحاضره سمعتها للدكتور ابراهيم الفقي – الراجل ده بجد جامد جدااااا

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