Just like me – 1

It’s the year 2050, where everything is digitalized, everything has turned into a button, a click or a switch..

Ayman a researcher in the ministry of communications is a genius that has been hired by many to solve their complex communication solutions..

And on his way to work that morning, someone stopped him thinking he was someone else and Ayman responded politely that he’s not the man intended, but the man insisted and so to prove that to him Ayman got out his identification electro-magnetic digital identifier which stated his full name in Audio and displayed a full holographic image of his face. The man apologized and left murmuring a famous Egyptian quote “God can make forty out of one’s looks!”

Ayman was very much interested in quote in fact and that day he went to work but rather than working he logged into his powerful computer and decided to use the newly developed program called “The image collector”.

The program t works on user’s electro-magnetic digital identifier. So Ayman inserted his digital identification card in the special slot and the program immediately began to extract Ayman’s data such as the face shape and more and asked him to add a few more details such as eyes color and hair color, height and weight and current location.

Ayman made a few selections on the program after filling out the details and began to type the additional search parameters..

He stopped and looked at the screen with its audio command replying “Do you want to proceed Ayman?”

For a split second Ayman was hesitant despite all the curiosity in the world that road his mind at that second..

It didn’t take much time from him to decided, and he responded calmly “Yes, proceed”

The machine blinked on several leads and it wasn’t more than ten seconds that it took to display that it had found ten matches..Ayman was curious just to see if there are over five matches and asked the machine to give him from five to ten matches and so it did..

“Wow” he responded.. “So that quote can actually be very true!” he added..

Ayman looked at the result screen displaying “You have found 10 matches, do you wish to view the results or return to make another search?”

“Damn that feels exciting.. I actually have the ability to check out who these people are and see them and they do not know who I am or even if I’m doing this.. Despite the fact that this feels well maybe illegal…” he thought to himself…

He leaned back against his chair rubbing his chin silently.. “That seems immoral, but I won’t do anything bad ! I just want to know what do my lookalikes look like, how do they live?  What do they do for a living? Are we just lookalikes or are we similar personalities? I mean that seems a very silly question but… mmm” he whispered to himself..

Ayman was about to make his decision when the door of his office knocked and one of his colleagues walked in, in an instant Ayman had whispered to his machine “Sleep” and it instantly turned off..

“Ayman the meeting is about to start and everyone’s looking for you? Where have you been since the morning?” his colleague exclaimed

“I was busy just doing some reviews and making a few notes before my meeting, Adly.. I’ll be there shortly” Ayman answered calmly..

Adly nodded and headed out, but stopped and added “But don’t be late, you know how much the minister panics when you are not around”

Ayman smiled and added “Tell the minister I will be there on time as I always do!”

Adly closed the door and left.. Ayman turned to his machine.. “I have to attend this meeting but I’ll see about you later..”

Ayman stood up, took a last look at his machine and left..He knew something was on his mind.. But what exactly? This he had not yet figured out.

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