Just like me – 2

Ayman sat in the meeting room with the minister and the rest of meeting attendees however he seemed to be very much pre-occupied, he couldn’t take his mind off that machine and the ten matches it had found..

As soon as the meeting was over he rushed back to his office and asked one of the office boys not to have him disturbed for the rest of the day and not to check on him.

He sat back in front of his machine and opened it up and started to look at the screen as he opened up the program again and entered the same details he used previously and again the results appeared, and the screen came up with the same response it did earlier, “Do you wish to proceed?”

Ayman had made up his mind that he couldn’t stop himself or his mind from coming in between him and the results of that search..

He clicked proceed as the result screen appeared with a short message “Please wait while your Data extraction is complete…”

Ayman kept knocking his fingers on his desk waiting like a little boy waiting for his candy , this indeed is the revolution of it’s time, being able to track down people’s similar looking individual, despite that the program has even much stronger capabilities but Ayman found this feature to be extremely useful and dangerous is fell in the wrong hands… But all of these thoughts just faded away when the screen again began to blink with a new incoming message “Data extraction complete your results will appear in a few seconds..

The results listed on the screen ten men with ten different names and profile pictures which resembled Ayman to a great extent despite some differences that can be seen without any much of difficulty..

The results showed..

  1. Carlos Mendez  from Columbia
  2. Sergei Khalifov from Georgia
  3. John Myers from the United States
  4. Santosh Kumar from India
  5. Fabrizio Ballotelli from Italy
  6. Paolo Juao from Portugal
  7. Samir Yilmaz from Turkey
  8. Chang Lo from China
  9. James Erving from England
  10. Jean De La Faillette from France

Ayman sat there astonished and amazed at the power of this program and it’s extreme accuracy and didn’t believe the results it was able to come up with and was thinking of something extremely crazy.. “What if?” Ayman muttered these words to himself as he kept thinking for a long while..

Ayman picked up a small earpiece device and placed it on his left ear and said “Send message to Communications Minister “

The device replied into his ear “Message is open and ready please dictate your message and when done please click the button to send”

Ayman replied “Hello, Mr. Khalil, this is Ayman, I will be taking ten days off as vacation starting tomorrow, I might not be reachable in the coming days , thank you for your understanding, Ayman”

Ayman asked the program to give him the additional details on each and every individual and printed them out..

By the time the printer was done he had a stack of approximately sixty pages with full details about each and every individual.. Ayman smiled as he picked up the stack and headed to his office door… He stood there then remembered he had forgot the program open on the machine..He took a few quick steps, shut down the program and the machine, locked his office and headed out.. Ayman looked at his digital watch then smiled even more “ I just might get to catch it!” he said it and left in a hurry

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