Just like me -3

Ayman got out of his LFV (Low Flying Vehicle) and looked at the new modern building which stood tall before him, he looked at the digital wrist watch in his left hand, pushed a button that was below the screen  then gave it a command “Which Shuttle leaves for Paris?”

The watch came back with a metallic electronic voice “Shuttle A320 headed for Paris, leaves in approximately thirty minutes, estimated flight time twenty five minutes”

Ayman thought to himself “Perfect”, as he walked into the modern building, these buildings were called (travel terminals) , because of the ease of travel and borders now disappearing between countries despite still having physical borders but now one could go  from one country to another with extreme ease and in such short times that can be sometimes three minutes up to maximum of one hour..

Ayman headed directly to the counter where he was greeted by the global travel agency member “Good evening sir, how may I help you?”

Ayman got out his digital identification card and handed it over to her as he replied “I would like to book a seat on the flight A320, headed to Paris please”

“One moment please” The travel agency member replied, as she took his identification card and placed it into the slot of a small machine connected to her computer, which showed a message on the screen, this message contained all Ayman’s information as well as his criminal record and any misdemeanor acts that may result in preventing him from travelling, but Ayman’s records were clean.

She then tapped a few times on her screen changing the view to the shuttle view and asked him “Smoking/Non-smoking, General /First class, one way or round trip?”

“Non smoking and General and round trip please”  Ayman replied

“When do you expect to return sir?” she asked him

“Ayman replied “In 24 hours”

“Your seat is number 42B third row to the right, your return flight will be at 11 pm Paris time, enjoy your trip sir” she said it with a smile as she handed a small digital card which on one side had his seat number and on the the other side had his return flight number and seat.

She handed him his digital identification card and small device with a slot as she added “This will be a total 320 GBC” (Global Currency),

Ayman took his id card and ran it into the slot and it showed him his accounts and he picked and paid for the flight”

He replied “Thank you and headed for the shuttle terminal gate”

The terminal was to be ready to take on the passengers onto the shuttle in three minutes..Ayman took this opportunity and got a small cubed device and pressed on a button on top of it and it popped open with a digital voice “Welcome to your digital diary, would you like to make an entry?”

“Yes” Ayman replied, the device came back “Please state your user identification code and password”

Ayman replied “user20421, Pass AY5349028”

“You may begin your entry” the device replied..

Ayman began to speak to the device

“Dear diary,

Here I am sitting in a travel terminal headed to Paris, I have no clue what am I doing, or why am I doing it? Or what am I expecting to see? For once I decided to act on impulse, I feel so drawn towards doing this..This maybe yet the craziest thing I have committed or maybe anyone has ever committed, I feel the spirit of adventure waiting for me…I…”

Before he could continue the loud speaker of the travel terminal announced the passengers headed on his flight should board the shuttle..

“Time to go..” And he closed the cube, placed it back in his pocket..

Ayman got onto the shuttle and followed the procedures as he sat to relax he got out some of the printed documents he has about the matches..

“Jean De La Faillette, well time to discover you” he whispered to himself

The shuttle took off after five minutes and twenty five minutes later they had landed..

Ayman got out and headed to the nearest hotel, booked a room and decided to call it a day, he had an adventure laying ahead of him, he had absolutely no idea what should he expect to see..But he thought it was going to be one hell of a ride..

Ayman shut his eyes and let himself surrender to the king of slumber and travelled into the depths of sleep

One thought

  1. Tarek, u put me on the verge of my chair, reading ur series ( Just like me) part 1,2,3,
    awaiting to finalize this fascinating science-fiction story of urs:) that could be scripted
    as a movie picture in the near future to come:)

    The content is well-constructed by a professional Novelist ya Tarek:) don’t call urself
    an amateur!

    looking forwards to seeing ur protagonist escort us onto ten adventures of his alikes.

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