Just like me – Ep.4

Ayman reached Paris in the calculated time exactly, something he always enjoyed “Arriving on time!” it gave him a sense that everything is going according to plan, he got out of the shuttle, cleared his arrival procedures at the arrival gate where the officer checked his digital identification  and his ticket and then cleared him

Ayman walked out of the Charles De Gaules global space travel port previously named “Charles De Gaules international airport”, and took a look at Paris.. He inhaled smelling the aroma of France, he’s been here a while back but still Paris keeps its charm with it.. Modern and ingenious architecture has taken place alongside the old traditional Paris.

Ayman hailed a hover cab and took himself to the nearest hotel. He arrived at the hotel , paid the driver his fee and got out into the hotel. He booked a room went up.. Upon reaching his room he opened it , went in and closed the door as he placed his small suitcase on the ground and let himself drop on the bed closing his eyes.. It’s been a long day for him. All the meetings and this crazy idea he is embarking on..

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing Ayman?” The voice echoed in his mind for a few moments.. “Well I guess so, I’ll just call it an adventure.. An Adventure like nothing before..”

He rolled on his back looking at the ceiling for a few “Jean De La Faillette, what do you have in store for me?” he whispered then got up into a seating position grabbed his suitcase and got out the neatly organized and classified file which had ten separators..

Then he got out a small device called a palmtop which is was a thin black screen.. Ayman placed it on a nearby table, he pulled out some rear legs for the device which put it in a standing position then he pressed on a button on its side and it projected a blue circle on the table..

“Open Pt1” Ayman said as the screen opened up, and the device came back to him “Good evening Ayman, The time now in Paris is 11:02 PM, the temperature is 19 degrees, humidity is 65%, tomorrow’s weather is expected to be sunny and slightly windy. Please choose the next command”

“Pt1 open search” Ayman responded as the screen changed and it opened up a search screen..

“Category Search Jean De La Faillette, Fashion Master”

The device took something between two to three seconds before it came back “Jean De La Faillette has came back with 2000 Articles, 9500 Photos and 12,000 websites, do you want to narrow your search?”

“Articles” Ayman responded and the screen automatically changed giving a quick preview of the different articles that included his search criteria..

“Impressive Mr. Jean, very impressive..” Ayman whispered as he looked at the screen then at the photo of Jean in the papers he had printed, they looked quite a lot alike despite Jean having yellow hair and light green eyes and having a small scar on the left side of his neck…

Ayman read a bit more then decided to give himself some rest “Pt1 shutdown” and the device shut down and the blue circle disappeared..

He placed the documents aside and laid back in his bed and let himself fall into sleep..

The following morning Ayman woke up, slightly scratching his head as he looked around the room and slowly started to remember what he was doing here..

He took a quick shower and got dressed before leaving his room..

He reached the ground floor where the receptionist greeted him and informed him that he can have his breakfast in their restaurant, but Ayman declined politely adding “There’s this place I know..”

The receptionist nodded adding “have a wonderful day monsieur!”

Ayman left the hotel and walked on foot around the quarter where his hotel was and went into a couple of streets before reaching a very small bakery “Patissiere Ancienne” they still served handmade croissant which was something he adored.. He bought a couple and headed to a nearby café where he had a cup of tea and at his croissant in delight as observed the horizon ahead of him..

Lying there was a rectangular shaped white building with strokes of color of red and gold all around it.. And in its center was a large golden emblem of three letters “DLF” that intertwined forming the well known global brand of clothing..

Ayman finished, his tea and croissant, paid and headed towards the building..

He reached the front gate where a security officer stopped him and walked out of his kiosk to see who’s at the gates and as the man walked out and got a closer look at Ayman.. “Monsieur De La Faillette!” The man gasped as he said ti “ But where’s your vehicle?” The man asked..

“I’d like to meet Mr. La Faillette!” Ayman smiled as he asked, but the man couldn’t grasp what was going on .. “But you are Mr. La Faillette!” The officer added “No, I’m Ayman from Egypt”

The man ran back into the kiosk and pressed on a screen, as it opened up he could see Mr. La Faillette seated at his desk, who looked at him and said “Yes, Remi? What is it that you want?”

“Monsieur! You are out here! I mean in there! I mean out here!” Remi said it as he leaned out of the kiosk and looked back at the screen “Monsieur you are both out and in!!!”

“What the devil are you talking about Remi!” But before Remi could add a word Ayman had walked into the kiosk “Good morning Mr. La Faillette! I’m Ayman from Egypt..I’ve come to see you!”

“Quel Diable!!!!” La Faillette looked at the screen.. And even tried to touch it.. “Who are you?” he added

“As I told you, I’m Ayman from Egypt.. I’ve come to see you!” Ayman replied calmly as he smiled.. He felt an excitement beyond belief but struggled very hard to control it and he really wanted to laugh at the scene..

“Remi.. Walk Monsieur Ayman personally to my office I don’t want him to get lost!” La Faillette said as he turned and called his assistant “Annette! Cancel any appointment I have for the next two hours!”, Annette attempted to reply but La Faillette interrupted her “Femme stupide! Do you not understand what I say? You do what I say without a question!”

Remi walked Ayman to La Faillette’s office door as instructed.. “Here it all begins” Ayman whispered.. And indeed it did..

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