Corporate life, management .. The fearsome terms

Good morning ,

Today while driving on my way to work, I remembered the very interesting topic that was discussed  on PTP (Pen Temple Pilots, A Cultural group where I am a member)  regarding Corporate life vs free lancing and taking risks and so on.. But something struck me yet..

Do we understand corporate life to begin with? Do we have any healthy structure in the first place? lets start placing the terminologies on more of slang yet global sort of definition..

I’ve been working for seven years now almost in the Information technology field.. A field that runs as fast as flash..Continuously changing..And Yesterday’s “ok “could be tomorrow’s “taboo”..

I’ve worked on several different types of companies in all shapes and sizes.

The definition of a corporate or an enterprise globally is a company that has over 20-100 branches world wide. A corporate inEgypt means a company that has an office in Cairo and a branch in Alexandria!?

Management.. Management in Egypt in general is based on the fear policy, I am your manager therefore you should fear me , you should do what I say with no discussion, If I wake up in the morning and change everything upside down that’s a strike of genius only a simpleton like you cannot understand!

You are the employee, the corporate or company slave.. You can even be told at sometimes “Why do you want to go home? Sit and work it’s fun!?”

Fun? And Work? Together? No Way! When hell freezes over.. Crazy as it may seem..  But work can be fun..

But that’s a different story..

So back to these mean and fearsome terms.. Corporate life.. Management, the image most might have of corporate life.. Is a decent well dressed man being chained to an iron ball at his legs  walking around with a cup of coffee.. That is corporate life in Egypt.. While management , is probably the half naked man at the back with a whip.. Whipping the man to work..(Do NOT try to imagine your managers half naked.. Trust me ITS SCARY!)

So Corporate life in many places has a different term and some companies are able to keep their employees happy and wanting to work.. But in Egypt you are to work and THANK GOD! that we are even giving you a job and “Some” money.. Next thing is what? To go give sacrifices to management? In the form of reports!

Ahhhhh… The magic word.. REPORTS…. Management love reports.. Love charts numbers.. And love even more when you Blow the whistle on someone.. It’s not Gossip!!! no no no no It’s Reports.. Escalation.. And what management love even more.. Is the divide and conquer policy.. Let’s have all the departments holding knives for one another.. Let the customer Rot! We have more issues.. Managements love watch these self created soap operas..

Now to talk about the slaves themselves.. There’s always a sense of rivalry , who wants to get closer to the boss.. In order to do so you need to be a good listener having a perfect hearing and can hear from behind walls and closed doors! You need to have sharp eyes.. NO GLASSES Or Lenses! You need to to able to spread rumors in less than 15 minutes.. Turn everyone against one another and just go and report that to management.. Management love that type of employees..

Now one major defect in company employees is professionalism.. That word is taboo things need to be done.. “On a friendly Basis” , your colleague is “Helping you on a friendly basis!” When he’s actually “DOING HIS JOB!” now what the hell is that?

Employees do not want to be told they’re mistaken or did the wrong thing, and if they screw up.. To be covered.. Some responsibility that is..

We want to come in late and leave early and dump work loads on other people.. And not take responsibility of our work.. And take the credit of other people’s work..

So when you take these lovely features you have more or less a small portion of the corporate or general employment and company life.. The fearsome terms..

If you are a manager and reading this.. Think..

If you are an employee and reading this.. TRIPLE think .. One day you might be a manager..

More to come..

2 thoughts

  1. OMG! that’s the damned truth:( that’s why i gave my self ( Istimarah No. 6 badri badri
    from the Univers.! nt 2 be neither a slave to Regimen! nor 2 be whipped by (the Mob-Ignorant-Managers).

    And yes, enjoying retirement:) as a free bird! of all shit COMMITMENTS 🙂

    Thnx Tarek 4 spelling out our guts:)

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