Just like me – Ep.5

Ayman arrived with Remi at the office door of Mr. De La Faillette, it was a large silver door with small screens surrounding it displaying several of the award winning designs of La Faillette in the fashion industry in the past fifteen years..

Before Remi or Ayman could utter a word the doors slid open in a calm and silent manner as the voice of De La Faillette came from inside “You may go now Remi”

Remi nodded silently and turned around to leave as La Faillette walked from behind his lavish modern black desk which was surrounded by several screens and digital instruments.. The room itself  was more of a dome shape which had mirrors covering it alongside with display screens..

“Welcome Mr. Aman” La Faillette said, but then Ayman corrected him in a polite way “It’s Ayman Mr. La Faillette…” and La Faillette commented “Oh but of course Ayman.. lease come in..”

Ayman walked in as a chair moved towards him and he seated himself comfortably..

“So tell me about you?” La Faillette said then added “I have never seen anyone with such a striking resemblance to me as you are.. Even if you are not as pretty or elegant as I am which I can clearly say!”

Ayman was taken by the clear and blunt statement but decided to ignore it as he answered “I work for the Egyptian government as primary consultant in the ministry of communications”

“What a boring job.. Too bad… Such face should suffer in front of screens and wires all day long!” La Faillette said with a snobbish tone which showed also in his body language..

La Faillette moved off his desk’s chair and sat at the edge of his desk as he said “I’m Jean De La Faillette, The Master of Fashion.. The king of the catwalks..My designs bring women to their knees.. People look on to me as a God..Also my Good looks are more beautiful than Venus and Aphrodite.. My body is perfected better than how Zeus crafted Hercules.. I’m God’s gift to the world..”

Ayman at that point was so convinced that this man was so full of himself to an extremely disgusting level..

La Faillette went on to continue..

“The world looks on to me as their savior…I am the man who taught humanity how to be beautiful and elegant..Do you understand what does this mean?”

Ayman shook his head..

La Faillette replied “Despite looking a lot like me but I believe there’s a lot that needs to be done with you to make you even slightly as good as me.. But also let me explain what I meant..I’m here to educate you.. And when you go back home you can tell your friends.. that you have met the infamous La Faillette, everyone will go crazy..So the reason why I am the savior of humanity is that before me.. Humanity before me was more like…”

La Faillette paused for a moment and looked upwards to one of the mirrors as he ran his fingers through his hair.. “God I’m so perfect!” he muttered…

“People before me, where more like primitive creatures that need to be taught everything about life that they need to know in order to survive, and who can do a better job than I… The light of the world.. The Eyes of France..”

“Don’t you think you’re disgustingly too full of yourself Jean?” Ayman said with a very calm tone but in truth he was beginning to boil from this narcissist, arrogant and so full of hot air attitude..

“Moi?” Jean replied then he added “You must be crazy , you need someone to open your eyes to the real world and make you understand that you are not living my friend.. Look around you? This empire.. My empire.. My regime.. My world.. I’m the” But before he could continue..Ayman interrupted him “You.. Are wasting my time.. “

“Oh mon dieu! How dare you.. You scum of the earth!” Jean replied in total surprise and then he pressed a button, and added “You shall now see who I am and what am I capable of “

It wasn’t much until the two security officers showed at the doors of the office and Jean let them in..

“Jacques and Patrice.. Please.. Throw out this human trash out of my office.. It has been contaminated.. And send in the janitors.. I want this place crystal clean” Jean said as he left his office through a back-door..

It wasn’t much until Ayman found himself thrown out of the front door of the company..

Ayman dusted himself up and rode hailed one of the hover cabs and went back to the hotel , and as soon as he got back to his room , the first thing he did was picked up the list of names and put an X next to Jean’s name..

Ayman whispered “That was unexpected.. But well I decided to take on this adventure so I’ll take it to the end..

Ayman checked one of his devices that listed the shuttles and he scanned through them to see the next one going to Oxford in England..

“Next stop.. Oxford..” Ayman whispered it silently and laid back on his bed for a while..

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