Just like me – Ep.6

The Shuttle stopped at the Oxford travel terminal where Ayman walked out to look at the grey skies outside and took a deep breath as he whispered “Some things never change I guess”

The sun was setting on the city and Ayman got himself to a nearby hotel and on his way he saw some digital billboards displaying “Can you handle the truth? By James Erving”

As Ayman observed the commercial it was a reality show which appeared to be a bit rather scandalous exposing people and cheaters and so on. Ayman frowned for a moment feeling a bit disgusted and was thinking if he should just drop this stop..

It wasn’t long before he arrived at his hotel, booked a room and went up to relax.. He ordered dinner in his room and opened his palmtop to get information about James’s show and its success, apparently it was rated as one of England’s top 20 shows and has been on number one for several years.. Something that got him to wonder, how can people actually enjoy or find entertainment in exposing and humiliating one another..People actually go to sit, watch , cheer and jeer at these shows! “For what? Where’s the gain in this insanity except ripping people’s lives to shreds!” these questions rang in his mind for a few minutes before he put it to rest..

“I’m not here to judge am just here to observe, I will not interfere with anything..But I think I’ll just be extra careful with that one..” Ayman told himself..

His dinner arrived and he went through it rather quickly

Ayman then got out the printed documents next to him to read them and scanned through them quickly but it wasn’t long before he started to feel exhausted and sleepy.

“Well Mr. James tomorrow’s another day! Take two!” Ayman said it and went to bed..

The following morning Ayman woke up , got dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast.. Despite all the cultural interchanges around the world but some traditions just stay the same, the hotel provided the regular English breakfast made of butter, jam some cheese and a an earl grey cup of tea..

Ayman had his breakfast as he opened his palmtop to check on his emails and personal items, and he left the hotel and grabbed a hover cab and asked to take him to the studios where the show “Can you handle the truth?” was being shot..

The driver grinned “You got a story lad?”, Ayman instantly noticed the driver’s Irish accent and smiled .. The cab driver then looked back at him through the mirror and turned back at him “ Mr. James? James Erving am I right?” the man asked

“No I’m not him” Ayman answered calmly…”Oh my God, I have never seen such a resemblance in my life! You look as if you’ve been copied from him or him you!” the driver replied..

“Can you take me to the studio?” Ayman added “Yes sure thing!!” the man said excitedly..

The man drove down the road and started a conversation “Mr. James is pretty famous all over England! Everyone likes to watch his show..”

“I can see that.. But what do you like about the show?“ Ayman replied

“Am personally not into much of entertainment, but everyone talks about it , how real it is , and he really puts people in these crazy situations..But I also hear he’s a tough fellow.. Very smart..” the driver replied..

“I see..” Ayman replied..

It wasn’t until a few moments that they arrived at the studio and just as they stopped at the studio’s gates to enter a lavish hover vehicle in black and gold arrived, and waited behind the cab hover..

Ayman talked to the security guard at the studio asking to meet James, the guard wasn’t looking even at him and told him that Mr. Erving has not yet arrived,  but a distinguished honk came out from the lavish hover vehicle got his attention and the guard stood up “ Get your car out of the damn….” And then he went silent.. He looked at Ayman and was unable to move..

The cab pulled to the side as the car went by the guard as a window was lowered and a voice came from inside the car “Why are you so damn lazy Gerard?”

Gerard the guard couldn’t utter a word, so the man with the voice stuck his head out and was completely stun by what he had seen..”

“Who in hell are you?” James looked at Ayman as he posed the questions..

“Just someone” Ayman said.. Then added “But I’ve come to see you..”

“To see me? Well this is your lucky day chap..Hop in..” James replied..

Ayman paid the cab driver and rode with James in his car as the car went into the studio..

His second encounter was about to begin..

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