Just like me – 8

Ayman woke up after a long trip after he had left England to land in China, the trip took approximately two hours, as the shuttle landed in Beijing..

Ayman walked out and found the it was slightly chilly.. He knew he would need to activate his translation device, a small earpiece with a built in microphone which both analyze and translate all speech received..

Despite having changed its total infrastructure into a modernized and automated one, China still had the style of the past, the old buildings, and you can still see some fruit and vegetable carriages along the streets.

Ayman walked up to a bus station , and waited until a large train shape like vehicle approached but this one let cars pass between it , the bus was higher than two story train carriage and wider than the road and moved on the edges of both ends of the streets.

The door opened up slowly as Ayman walked up and paid the fee for the ticket, and the bus driver looked at him and said “Ah a foreigner, where would you like to go?”. Ayman smiled and replied “The golden Lilly hotel please”

The man nodded and waved his hand motioning Ayman to take a seat..

It was already two in the morning and Ayman felt a dire need to have some sleep..

The bus arrived and dropped him off at his destination and the driver pointed him in the direction of the hotel and told him that it is around three minutes of walking.

Ayman assumed three minutes would mean about fifteen minutes of walk and so he greeted the driver and went on his way..

Ayman walked into the empty streets which had no one in them almost except the few lamps that hung from the houses and buildings alongside the street.

He kept walking and turned into the street where the man had pointed and before he could even believe it, he found the hotel right in front of him..An elegant, small yet very luxurious hotel..

Ayman walked in and booked himself a room where he went up and found the room to be very relaxing for the eye..

He put down his belongings, changed, and went straight to bed..


Ayman woke up the very next morning to find himself in the room and remembered his adventure and where it had got him so far..

“So today, I get to meet Mr. Chang Lo”

Ayman ordered breakfast in his room, a few moments later the breakfast arrived and he ate quickly but took his time in enjoying his morning tea.

Later he got dressed and left the room..

He reached the reception and asked directions for the “Fist of Power “kung fu school..

The receptionist instructed him and showed him on the map that it was only a few blocks away.

Ayman thanked him and went on his way..

He left the hotel and went walking down the street according to the directions given by the receptionist and after about ten minutes of walking he reached his desired destination..

It was a large building with a huge sign hanging on it that read “ The Fist of Power , Kung fu school , the legends still live”

Ayman got past the entrance gate and reached the building door and opened as  one of the clerks greeted him and asked him if he was here to join a class..

Ayman denied her politely and simply asked to speak to Mr. Chang Lo, the clerk smiled and nodded but told him that Mr. Chang had a class now and perhaps he would like to watch him maybe then he would be interested to join.

Ayman smiled and nodded as he replied “Who knows “, she guided him along a long hallway which contained trophies, medals , news paper articles from all over the world..

“Finally something worth seeing” Ayman muttered to himself..

The clerk showed him the room which was closed but there was a small glass window from which he could watch the training..

The clerk excused him to get back to her work..

Ayman observed Chang as he instructed his students who seemed to look at him with eyes full of concentration but something seemed not quite right either..

Ayman turned on the sensitivity of his translator to be able to pickup Chang’s speech..

“You have failed me, you have failed this school.. This school that has worked hard with you to make real men out of you.. You have lost to a rival school and this is because of your lack of competence and power.. The weak only deserved to be defeated, in the world we live in today it is either you win and gain all the fame and glory or be considered a born loser, the trophies and medals you see each day you walk into this school were not built on defeat, but on winners, and you have allowed yourselves to be disgraced and wish to bring back your defeat to me! This shall not be accepted..”

Ayman’s eye brows rose in surprise to what he was hearing, he looked at the class.. who were having eyes mixed with anger, confusion , sense of regret, and fear..

Chang continued “I heard that the reason you have lost is due to that you had a tie with the rival school and our last contestant would not fight the remaining player form the other school because he had a broken arm, is that correct?”

The team leader of the class stepped forward and replied “Yes Sifu Chang! It was Kim Jong who was responsible for this defeat, he refused to fight the remaining player, and said that this was unfair and lacks the nobility of warriors”

“Lacks the nobility of warrior, ha?” Chang replied sarcastically..  “Well my students I see only one of two options.. Either you kick him out or you teach him a lesson, there’s no place for weakling among my school” Chang added firmly

Before anything could be said.. Ayman walked in the room and everyone was completely taken off guard, no one had dared before to enter Sifu Chang’s class without permission, usually everyone’s too afraid..

Chang was completely surprised to as how much Ayman resembles him despite having lighter skin , being taller and having bigger eyes..

“This is unfair!” Ayman exclaimed angrily.. “You can’t just kick him out or beat him just because he did the right thing!” he added

Chang looked at him sharply “Who are you?? And what do you want ?”

“I came to see you Chang but now I’ve seen enough..This boy did the right thing and rather than honoring him you are kicking him out or asking for him to be given a lesson?” Ayman said with utter disgust

Chang silenced for a moment “ You walk into my class, give me a lecture on what is right and what is wrong, in my school, in front of my students.. Pathetic fool..Class Attack him! “

Ayman’s eyes went wide as he looked at the fifteen students who ranged between ten to twelve in age who charged at him..

Ayman instantly began to run but was caught.. And ended up being hit so hard.. And thrown out.. And before he could even realize it he found the defeated boy  next to him..

“Now look what you’ve done!” said the boy angrily..

Ayman leaned forward and sat,  as his lower lip bled and he felt every bone in his body had been smashed to a million pieces “Mark my words young man, what you did was the right thing to do.. And one day you will be something special..

The boy looked at him , shook his head and left..

Ayman dragged himself back to the hotel, and reached his room and sat in hot water for the rest of the evening..As he relaxed in the tub, his back was still hurting as he whispered to himself “So much for China and trying to be the good guy!”

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