He sat there right next to her.. By her bed gently holding her hand as he looked into her shut eyes.. Every wrinkle on his face says how much he loves her..All the veins that are showing from his old age tell what she means to him..She is the world to him.. His companion.. His lover.. His wife.. His friend and even his best friend..He didn’t attempt to say a word but just holding her hand and feeling the warmth of her soft gentle hand in his was the world to him..As if her hand reached through him and caressed his heart to it’s rest from rushing every time he laid his eyes on her..

She couldn’t say much.. She’s been ill for a long time.. And since the first day he never stayed away. The beeping sound of the machines that kept her alive suddenly turned into a screeching continuous noise..Her warmth was slipping from his hands gradually like a sheet of silk slipping gently through his fingers..Slowly the life was leaving her and leaving him alone..He opened his eyes, his tearful eyes.. “No.. Do not…Or if you must..Do not leave me alone” he said those words as her lifeless body rested before him.. Her cold palm still resting within his hands as he leaned onto kiss her hand.. He kissed it gently, rested his head over it and closed his eyes..They’ve been together for thirty years..Thirty years of love, sharing, struggling, building..A bond that has been tested time and again to it’s core.. But they both committed..They both fought.. They both loved..

One of their sons attempted to gently pat him on the shoulder..But he too was gone.. Entwined and bonded by soul.. They left together.. As if their souls were knotted together with a bond of eternal love..


One thought

  1. Just Beauty:), took my heart, wished if i could get such a sincere mate in this era! hehe..
    Well done ya Tarek, well felt by ur readers:)

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