Anger of the south

The door knocked.. The three of them looked at one another silently..The door knocked again.. Silently one of them crept and walked very slowly close to the door..He opened the door a mere few inches in the hopes of seeing who’s behind the door when he was met with the back end of a shot gun ramming his face and the door was kicked wide open..

He moved into the room carrying his shotgun before any of them got a chance to reach for their guns.. He was tall well built and with the shotgun in his hand he looked extremely scary..The first of the three tried to reach for his gun and Ezzat just shot his arm off with his shotgun..The man screamed in agony and pain and screamed as he looked at his arm fly off..

Ezzat’s eyes were filled with rage and fire that was enough to begin a new hell on earth..Something the three men never expected or thought they would ever come across..

Ezzat turned and shot the 2nd man in his legs and the third kept begging for him not to shoot him …Ezzat at that instant held the nuzzle turning the gun into a bat and rammed  to the third man’s face as he shouted with rage  and the third man received the blow that threw him a meter and a half in the air before dropping to the floor unconscious..

Ezzat looked at the three men in utter disgust as his breathing was heavy.. At the end he could see a locked door.. Ezzat walked towards it and smashed it down with his foot.. And there she was…Sitting in a corner in the far end of the room..All tied up and gagged…

Ezzat closed his eyes as his fingers clenched further.. He moved towards the little girl and untied her and removed the gag as she spoke to him ”Papa..You’ve came! You came for me!” her eyes were so filled with tears and couldn’t help stopping them…

“Of course I would and I would go through hell for you..Come on child..It’s time to go!” he said it as he walked out carrying his daughter in one arm and carrying the shotgun in the other..

The man who was shot in his legs tried to crawl over to his gun..And Ezzat stepped on the weapon before adding “You won’t be needing this..” and Ezzat swung his gun hitting the man in the face rendering him too unconscious..

Ezzat turned to the man with his arm torn off before adding “Never.. Ever..Mess with a southern man’s child!”..He took his daughter and left …


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