Under the tile

A slow turn of the knob opened a door for a room which seemed to have not been used for years.. She walked in slowly and started looking around.. Everything was still in place.. Just her mom promised her.. Her old posters were hung up on the wall for Amr Diab and Mohamed Mounir alongside Duran Duran and Whitney Houston..

She smiled for a moment as she just crossed her arms and all these memories kept rushing through her head.. Her and her friends when they used to have pillow fights and when they sometimes sat to talk about how their dream guy’s supposed to look like and each of her friends would talk about how her boyfriend is prince charming.. And how they would be dead, if their parents knew anything about it!”Yeah well..We all went very different paths..” She whispered to herself.

She walked across to her small pink hairdresser and wiped some dust of its surface revealing some stickers she stuck there..A giggle managed to escape her lips as she covered her mouth to avoid letting it go all out..

She then looked carefully left.. Then right.. Then her eyes settled on that corner of the room.. And thought to herself”Could you have survived all these years? I suppose so”

She walked slowly to the corner and removed the tip of the rug covering the ground and laid beneath it was a tile of ceramic that was not well set..She used both her hands and removed it slowly and quietly to avoid making any noises or drag any unnecessary attention..And there it was her box, on top of it was written “My box of memories for life”

She slowly got it out, placed it aside and placed back the tile and covered it again carefully..She then picked up the box and walked to her bed and sat there as she opened the box slowly its contents seemed still as if they were placed yesterday.. The notes, the photos, even some of the signed money papers..And finally there it was a shiny silver half round shaped pendant which had an inscription on it.. “Friends” and she recalled the day she split that pendant with her at the time “Best Friend” and her best friend got the best half.. “How ironic that, this “Best friend” relationship tumbled like a house of cards and everything just faded and simply disappeared, but still those memories live.. Those moments..Those laughs..Giggles..Tears.. Hugs and many other things.. It’s very ironic that world we live in.. And after all these years I come here to find you still there.. Taking me back to all those memories.. ”

She layed back on the bed grabbing some of the photos and putting them up so she can see them as she flipped them on by one then put them down as she closed her eyes and whispered to herself “Life will be what it will be it’s not just about what I want or can be”


2 thoughts

  1. Sweet memories, of the past! or of the moment!… nothing 2 a male!… but made me 2 shed tears!… very dear ones:)

    Thanx 4 refreshing our minds.

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