A Story of life and glamour


They both entered the ring.. On the left corner coming in was a slim looking figure..With signs of life written all over his face.. The fire in his eyes showed a will to get out of the cages that hold him back.. He watched his opponent silently as he warmed up.. He had a lot going through his mind but what never left his mind was “Life is my journey.. There’s nothing stronger or more powerful than life.. If I pay it the respect it deserves it will pay me back..”

In the other corner walked in a well built man.. With a smile that shone like gold.. Passing on his smiles to his admirers and blowing kisses in the air.. He had at least five people helping him in comparison to the mere two of his opponent.. He moved in the ring and went around in circles waving to the crowds and giving the side looks to his opponent , the sort of message that says “You’re nothing next to me”..

After they both warmed up.. The referee gathered them up and asked them to have a fair fight.. And the bell rang..

The golden smiled man came swiftly with a set of punches throwing back his opponent swiftly to the ropes.. The slim man bounced back and got back into the fight.. The fight went on as the golden smile kept trying to hit his opponent but throughout the round.. But the slim man knew his opponent was heavy and hence kept moving around the ring.. Until the first round ended.. The Golden smiled man was starting to get tired..

The second round began.. And the same scenario happened again.. And it went on through the third and fourth rounds..

In the fifth round the golden smiled man was literally out of breath.. The slim opponent charged at him.. Jabbing left and right not giving the golden smiled man any opportunity to defend.. The Golden smiled man was backed into a corner, where the slim opponent came down on him with a hail of jabs and punches.. And finally ended it with a smashing upper cut that sent a scary sound from the Golden smiled man’s jaw.. His eye balls rolled and the Golden smiled man went to the ground..

The slim man pulled back.. And the count began.. One through ten.. And the slim man was declared the winner..

The golden smiled man was brought back to consciousness..The slim man approached him and whispered.. “Never disrespect life..Or it will nail you to the ground..No matter what glamour you get or have.. Life will always win..”


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