Lost it? Fix it..

Lost..We all pass by these specific moments in our lives where we feel or realize that we are lost.. Sort of in the middle of the woods and can’t get out type of feeling.. But what is it that we do wrong that mostly gets us lost?

If we’re upset we’re clearly trying to cheer up ourselves and doing a lot of effort.. Or if we want something we just chase it relentlessly.. But by the end nothing works! It just becomes too frustrating and too annoying to even think about it to the extent that you would just go into your room turn off the lights and just plug yourself out of the universe.. (That’s if you can do that!) ..

So why do we get lost in the first place?

People will give you a lot of different reasons why they feel lost … Some are ” I Don’t know!” Or “I don’t want to think about it.. It’s bothering me but I just can’t think” And a list of other things that people say …

But do they really not know what’s wrong ? or what got them lost in the first place..

The answer to this is Yes & No at the same time. .

Quite confusing right ? Wrong..

The reason why it is both yes and no.. It is because people do know what bothers or what’s pre-occupying their mind when it just happens.. But instead of actually trying to solve the problem.. For a variety of reasons people just push themselves to forget things and start repeating in the back of their minds some thoughts they try to make themselves believe.. And after a few years… Presto.. There you are.. They end up forgetting (To an extent) ..

But unfortunately.. The damage caused by these situations or bothers doesn’t go away..Simply because it wasn’t cured.. It’s like having your Wisdom tooth aching like hell.. So what do you do? You take anything that soothes the pain or temporarily puts it to sleep.. But after sometime it will begin to throb again and hurt like there’s no tomorrow.

The difference between your Wisdom tooth and situations that you leave unsolved , is that the Wisdom tooth is easy to pinpoint! But in stuff that we bury deep in our minds and souls.. It becomes harder to locate.. It doesn’t mean you can’t find it.. But it will take you sometime and effort to locate it.

Ok…Now that you’ve found it.. What should be your next step?

Simple.. Fix it.. Solve the problem or issue or work on changing what needs to be changed.. No one can know better than you what should be done.. Of course that doesn’t apply for every single situation but I believe there is a fair amount of things a person can solve on their own.. If they want to..

The last (If) in the previous sentence has a major weight, because If you don’t want to solve or work on what needs to be worked on.. Then you will end up going around in circles and end up lost again..

Another common thing people do.. They find the problem and do the effort.. But still nothing is working!

So what do you do? Ask yourself.. Did you do the right thing? You might be trying but didn’t actually try to understand the nature of the problem.. Like trying to cut a coconut with an Orange knife!!! Quite simple IT WON’T WORK!

You need to work on understanding what is the issue and what’s its nature and think of what or how should you solve it.. Most people take the easy way of going through trial and error.. And the problem with that is that at a certain point you can be drained and too tired and frustrated for not finding yet the correct way to handle the situation!

So what am I saying here?

As simple as :

  1. Whenever some situation happens that affects you and needs some handling.. Don’t drop it.. Work on it.. Don’t try to forget it.. It will come to bite you back!
  2. If you’ve already dropped it and got lost.. Trace your way back and find the problem
  3. Finally solve the problem!

Believe in yourself.. Believe in who you are.. You are a moving miracle..If not to the world.. Then to yourself.. Love yourself.. Don’t be too full of yourself.. Respect others.. Understand them.. It will help you even understand more about yourself..

Have a great day

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