Singing the tune..

It’s seven in the morning and I woke up and prepared myself a cup of tea and while I was at it, I was thinking about something that has taken over my mind for the past perhaps few weeks or event couple of months..Since the event of 25th of Jan took place..

Am not here to say who am I with or against, or how do I prefer things to be run or discuss my personal views about certain matters..I’ve always liked to hit on hard points that many fail to see..

So the word or point as I would like to talk about it today, is politics.. And “Singing the tune”.

Having said this I’d like to take it further by talking politics and politicians.. Across time and through my constant reading of history, it might come to seem that politicians and economists are the people behind the scene who manipulate everything, may that be directly or indirectly.

Everyone knows that already… Yet no one understands the impact.. A politician is a person who should be able to reach the people, their needs, their demands and feel their suffering … And the list goes on…Right? Well not exactly..

The fact is politicians just know how to sing the tune.. However as much as it is great to have a politician with the above qualities but that’s not mainly the case. Usually politicians just know how to tap the right button and trigger at the right time.

Take for example “The Falkland Wars” or “Guerra de las Malvinas” , which took place in 1982 and lasted for 74 days between the British & Argentinian forces.

What is “The Falkland Islands”, they are a set of islands which sum 12,173 km2 …Quite small for the British Empire, however the story behind the scene tells everything.. Argentina’s military regime was not doing so well… And to get things moving in their favour they told the people we will embark on retrieving our long lost heritage “The Las Malvinas”, which are “The Falkland Islands”..

The people rejoiced… And indeed they invaded the islands by landing troops.. Lucky for Britain’s Margaret Thatcher who was government was on the verge of a downfall, this act only came to be it’s saviour.. Raising the British flag and the tune of “Patriotism” she declared war on Argentina and with support from all the parliament sent troops to free “The British Falkland Islands”

And so the war began and lasted for 74 days resulting in the Surrender of the Argentinian army and signing a surrender document , while the victorious British army secured their colony in the Falklands.

But the greater result was the downfall of the military regime in Argentina , because it’s failure and the boost of the British government lead by Margaret Thatcher because of her victory and bringing back the hero troops who freed the islands..

So which brings me back to my point it’s simply about singing the tune, knowing which buttons to press.. If you want to go somewhere with politics you need to know the buttons, know the game , know how it works, it’s about knowing where to reach , how to reach , who to reach and above all WHEN to reach.. In politics timing is everything, one wrong move at the wrong time can cost a politician everything he has worked for..

Popularity comes by the ability to reach the masses. So in a country like ours if you want to reach the masses, don’t sit on facebook or twitter or send e-mails, print in local newspapers.. Go out in the fields.. Take a 3rd class train and meet the people.. Go out to all of these, the dairy man ,the vegetable sellers who are living on the streets.. The streets are the beats of nation.. IF you can’t speak their language or reach their ears.. Then you won’t get anywhere..

And yes politicians will always try to appease the people by doing them services like helping their kids get jobs or help treat their children.. And so on .. Because it’s part of winning over the masses…

Am not here to tell you whether it’s right or wrong.. I can say it looks wrong but it’s there so you can’t say it’s not there. You have to deal with it. You have to beat it.. IF you want to win..IF you want to reach your beliefs then you need to fight it.

Politics again is all about singing the tune.. Can you sing the tune? Can you be a piper?

I am not telling you to go and cheat the people.. If you believe that you are going to do the people good then by all means go ahead..But it doesn’t mean that others will sit and have their arms crossed waiting for you..

Then Grab your pipe and go out in the field and do some work..

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