Analyse me..

I don’t know or perhaps I can’t find the right words to start off this blog post specifically, but I’ll just give it a try..

I am a person who by default taught himself how to analyse people, well I sort believe it’s a self taught attribute along side some help in having some vision. I usually end up striking somewhere between 60-80% of at least most of the people I come across.. It is always an interesting thing to do, since it teaches me a bit about other people..But also every now and then I try to give myself some reality checks by trying to see where do I go wrong and see how people analyse or view me.

Usually I used to do so with a number of specific people but today I decided I’ll just try to broaden the scope and give a chance to everyone give their feedback , positive or negative..So what I’ll do is I’ll include some features and characteristics and you can pick which ever you want and also add if you want and you see that there’s something I missed..

This will be a very interesting thing for myself to see, since it’s a sort of adventure to try to take this out in the open and see how you folks think.. So I’ll try my best and I’ll be glad if you give me some of your time , and feedback..

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this..

  1. Pessimist
  2. Optimist
  3. Neutral
  4. Talkative
  5. Silent
  6. Average talker
  7. Generous
  8. Miserly
  9. Funny
  10. Boring
  11. Normal
  12. Odd
  13. Broad minded
  14. Narrow minded
  15. Neither
  16. Short sighted
  17. Far sighted
  18. Neither
  19. Kind
  20. Unkind
  21. Decisive
  22. Hesitant
  23. Helpful
  24. Selfish
  25. Ambitious
  26. Lazy
  27. Self confident
  28. Lack Self confidence
  29. Creative
  30. Regular
  31. Dull
  32. Intelligent
  33. Genius
  34. Dumb
  35. Average
  36. Reliable
  37. Incompetent
  38. Average
  39. Resourceful
  40. Incapable
  41. Average
  42. Knowledgeable
  43. Ignorant
  44. Average
  45. Strong
  46. Weak
  47. Introvert
  48. Extrovert
  49. Logical
  50. Illogical
With these 50 characteristics and features I leave the door open for you to make your pick and add what ever you wish and of course comments and feedback are highly appreciated.. If you feel you do not want to post to the blog directly you may drop me an email at:
Thanks again for taking the time to read this and give it some of your time

9 thoughts

  1. I can’t claim that I know you very well coz we have met only few months ago, but this what I think of you so far :
    6.Average talker
    13.Broad minded

  2. Here’s my pick: 😀
    Broad minded
    Far sighted
    Self confident (average)
    Introvert (although u enjoy ppl’s company, but I believe u gain ur energy from individual activities)

    I would add: u’re a good analyzer, however sometimes u analyze things from your own perspective. Honest – u give honest feedbacks, and you can be seen as judgmental sometimes .. Committed, assume responsibility..I’d also say u swing between positive & negative moods but I can c more of the positive these days..

  3. I don’t know u very well but I will try 😀
    13-Broad minded

    Thank u for ur trust 😀

  4. I can’t clam that I know you quiet well
    but I’ll do what you did when you 1st analyzed me from my facebook account

    I’ll try by elimination:

    Ambitious (gedan)

    I tried .. true or false?

    we can add:
    صريح جدا مع نفسك
    “Listen, think, analyze” trinity

  5. howa i should know u very well bema enena we were in the same class for our whole life! … but still … i don’t think i really do … 😀 will give it a try anyway … 😀

    2. Optimist
    3. Neutral
    4. Talkative (very 🙂
    7. Generous / 8. Miserly (don’t know)
    9. Funny
    12. Odd
    13. Broad minded
    17. Far sighted (i guess)
    19. Kind / 20. Unkind (have no idea)
    21. Decisive (don’t know… but i guess yes… we maybe 3akssaha bardo … depends )
    23. Helpful (i guess)
    24. Selfish (don’t really know )
    25. Ambitious
    27. Self confident (i guess) / 28. Lack Self confidence (i don’t think so)
    29. Creative (very i guess)
    33. Genius (i guess… bass khaly balak men el sha3ra … :D)
    36. Reliable
    42. Knowledgeable
    47. Introvert (mesh 3arfa maybe we 3akssaha 😀 )
    49. Logical
    … i would say … decent, well raised & Complicated 😀

  6. Here’s how I see you from where I stand..

    1. You’re both Pessimist and 2. Optimist in the same time, it’s a very weird blend but it kind of defines you!
    4. Talkative… all writers are!
    7. Generous
    9. Funny… you have the fun attitude you know, I think you like being in a funny environment.
    12. Odd… not odd, more of: unique.. you have your own style, and you don’t really care if it suits everybody or not.. which is respectful by me..
    13. Broad minded…. I’m not sure.. didn’t see neither..
    18. Neither
    19. Kind
    21. Decisive… even in rushing kind of way.
    23. Helpful
    25. Ambitious
    27. Self confident… sort of.. I think you might need a little more of this..
    29. Creative
    32. Intelligent
    36. Reliable
    39. Resourceful
    42. Knowledgeable
    45. Strong… even more than you think you are..
    48. Extrovert.. and very social.
    49. Logical… most probably, being an engineer I think you should be, didn’t come to see neither..

    You are also active, proactive, moment seizing, persistent, you have lots of energy, but you should take care because sometimes your energy becomes very negative, but most of the times it is positive..
    And from what I see I think that you are kind of a family man.. (this should be left to your wife of course to say!).
    If I remembered something else I’ll come back and post it..

    (Tell me about being “talkative” huh! loool)

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