Why are people bad ?

In an average apartment in Zamalek.. Rana a 4 year old child is sitting with her mom in the living room playing with her own toys.. While her mom Mrs Samia, is sitting ever so intently following the news and flipping from one channel to the other.. Watching extreme focus as a huge stack of newspapers is laid on a nearby table..

Suddenly Rana gets up and walks right in front of her mom.. Crosses her arms together.. And looks at her mom and takes a deep breath before asking with such innocence.. “Mom..Why are people Bad?”

Samia.. Completely taken by surprise , nothing she really expected among the mess she is already seeing everyday ever since the Revolution broke out.. Adn specially that Rana never asked such a question..

Samia moved back in her chair and then leaned forward “What do you mean sweetie?”

“Well Rana added… I keep hearing you talk to people and the TV keeps bringing news about robbers , thieves, bad people, ministers , I don’t really know what ministers do but they seem to be doing a lot of bad things..Why are they bad people ? why do they do bad things?” Rana asked shaking her shoulders in a motion that she demands an answer.. She felt its important to ask and so she did..

Samia tried to smile at the notion that Ministers are bad.. But her saddened heart couldn’t let the smile out “I…I don’t really know why are they bad…”

Rana frowned a bit “But you are older you should know, isn’t dad a policeman ? Why doesn’t he stop them?”

The mother couldn’t find the right answer but still tries “Your father is just one man he can’t possibly stop every bad man in the country sweety”

Rana “But mom aren’t there other people like him..”

Samia added “Well some of them are good some of them are bad”

Rana was taken by surprise “Even policemen have bad people!!”

“Well its sad but its true sweety not everyone is a good person , even policemen”

Now Rana frowned even more “But you still didn’t answer me…Why do they turn bad ? What do they want ? What can I do to stop them?”

At this point Samia pulled her daughter and hugged her “I really have no proper answer sweety.. A few bad people have caused us a lot of suffering over the past 30 years or more.. And no one tried to stop them until finally all the people stood up and decided to stop them .. But even after we put all the really bad ones away .. There are still more bad people.. It’s not too easy to explain this.. What you can do is put your faith in people like your father, who will help set things right bit by bit..”

“Other policemen mom?” Rana added..”No dear, policemen , firefighters, doctors , engineers..Everyone..” Samia responded..

“Everyone? That’s a lot mom.. How can I put my faith in this much people” Rana added with a surprised look on her face..

“We need everyone to believe Rana.. We need everyone to work..We need everyone to do what they do best to do the right thing.. And this is the best way to get rid of the bad people and also the best way to make this country a better place..” Samia added..

Samia pulled Rana as she ran her fingers through her hair.. And kissed her on top of her head..

“We need to pull ourselves together to make it work..It’s the only way..The only way..”

Rana looked up in her mom’s eyes and then closed her eyes and whispered “I promise you mom, I will do my homeworks! I will do my best for our country.. And I’ll be the first lady to become prime minister!”

Samia smiled as a tear slipped through her eyes..”I know you will my child.. I know you will”

2 thoughts

  1. Is this a true story or based on a true one? I am asking this because being a mother of a 5 years old girl made me recognize how amazing kids are in the way they feel and react. Their insights are undistorted and truly genuine. the question is how to keep this undistorted soul alive in them.
    Nice post. Loved the story.

    • Hi Lobna

      Well this is not a story that is based in true events but I believe it’s a very possible scenario , thank you dropping by and commenting , seeing you as a mom for 5 year old I believe you can relate to such questions

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