Ruptured…A different angle


Such a horrible word that when reaches the ears of any of us, visualizations of barbarism and inhuman people come to mind, people who try to steal the very essence of our being yet keeping us alive sends shivers down our spines!

Every time I saw a movie or story about rape, it was mostly about catching the culprit. Makes one wonder, Does it end at that? Does the victim of such a horrific experience just manage to get back and bounce back into life just as easily especially here in Egypt?

I found myself automatically digging for the truth behind that.. Given the Egyptian society where I live, it can be clearly seen that a victim would suffer a lot just by being known that she’s a victim. The looks people give her, what they’d say behind her back or even straight to her. Enough to break the strongest of people..

In a society that cares too much about appearances where you would hear comments like “She must have done something to provoke her assailant!” or others like “She’s the devil in disguise”

It can be clear that such a person is destined to a lot of suffering, while in the western culture there are more circles and societies that help the victim overcome such troubles and learn how to deal with people it might not mean it is necessarily easy. And while there might exist similar circles in Egypt it is not as widespread as it should be.

While it is more clear that Western societies are able to tackle and discuss such a “taboo” topic more openly even if the reactions are different in the multicultural countries such as the United States where the behavior of people would depend on the cultural background of the person if they’re from a Chinese community or an Italian community etc.

It still remains in Egypt a very discrete and shameful matter to go about and even when brought people would rather not discuss it or try to close any discussion regarding this topic simply because it only brings a sense of shame.

I bring you to the conclusion that judging people by what they went through can be in so many ways so cruel and degrading, and is an act that we should be ashamed of and not promote..

It came to my mind that I want to wonder in this land of mixed up feelings and emotions that take over such a victim. To go into this very private yet very dark part of the human soul.

I decided to take things from another angle..Another view which will reflect a completely new side of a rape victim. Another victim.. A victim that fights for survival

And maybe you might be able to answer a few questions.. Do you find that this happens where you live? Is this a human nature?  Or do specific societies and countries deal in this manner.

I attempted to cover these questions through my book “Ruptured”

Please feel free to drop me your comments, thoughts and feedback either by commenting here or e-mailing me:

I Will be more than glad to receive your feedback

4 thoughts

  1. In an biased undeveloped unjust system the tendency is to always consider that the crime is the fault of the victim even during the investigations not only afterwards. Either he/she inticed it, wanted it or did not fight hard enough to stop it. This applies to child abuse, women abuse even a nation’s abuse as. In rape, the contributary factor of a victims’s dress or attitude has long been inacceptable in all civilized systems. It is easier to persecute the abuse victim than face the fact that the soceity failed to protect him/her.

  2. I very much agree with you Hala, the burden goes mostly on the victim in all cases during and post the trauma of the incident. It is a heavy weight to go with which is what I attempt show in my book and face.

  3. Tarek, I do like to read about your insight on this, especially from the Egypt side of things. We, in the west, are often sheltered from the goings on in far off countries. One thing I want to reiterate is that, while things may be better from a victim’s rights perspective here in the west, it is still far off from where it should be. So much more could be done. Thanks for sharing.

    • Darren,

      Thank you for dropping by, you are completely correct people are still people and emotions , societies and experiences are very different and diverse.. There’s no utopia society anywhere in the world.. Abuse is all over the world and it takes different shapes and forms..

      Am glad you had the time to check out the blog and even more glad you left your comment and insight.. My book Ruptured aims mainly to discuss the fact that people have the right to live regardless of what others might think..

      I also sent an article to your blog “Then Life Happens”

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