In the blink of a word..

He fixed himself a cup of tea in the kitchen and took the mug and headed back into his dining room wearing his pyjamas as the clock struck  eleven times, he kept one of those large pendulum clocks that gave you the feeling that you have entered the lair of Dracula or something of that sort. But he was too preoccupied, he rubbed his forehead silently as the steam coming off from the tea brushed against his face.. Staring down into a blank piece of paper and a pen.. Around him there were at least two baskets full of paper scraps..

He raised the mug to his lips and took a sip as he closed his eyes and tried to savour the tea as it trickled with its warmth down his throat sending this slight shiver through his spine..

He placed the mug down and threw his head back staring at the ceiling for a few moments.. As if he’s looking for his answer in the void of this great white ceiling which was above him…

Suddenly his eyes glowed.. Something was there.. Something ran across his mind or maybe he saw.. But only him..

He grabbed the pen and began to write..

” The destiny lies within the path you choose to follow than that you seek to find.. The traces of your thoughts and soul will always be able to take you back through the forests of your mind and guide you through the achievements you’ve made the pains you’ve endured..

I am not insane but rather someone who wants to get you to understand the full picture of who you are..Of what is it you can become.. It is within your own grasp to chase as many dreams as your heart and mind would allow you..

It is also within your grasp to choose a path. To walk into the wilderness of your own mind..We always say man is his own’s best enemy..We can lead to success or disaster..The path is what counts.. Where your footprints settle in the ground leaving your distinctive mark and it stays there for life..”

He finished writing those words.. and just placed the pen on the piece of paper.. Got off the table, turn off the lights and headed silently into the void of his own mind..

Waleed’s eyes opened up to find himself in the ER room where a set of doctors were checking him up and began to ask all sorts of questions to him “Are you ok?” , “How are you feeling? ” “Are you dizzy?” and more.. At this point Waleed looked around him, and began to realize what he was seeing.. He closed his eyes , laid back and let the doctors do their job..


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