In the trails of a swing

Amal got back to her apartment, she opened the door and walked right in closing the door behind her before leaning against the cold wood of her door closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.. “Finally it’s the weekend” she thought to herself..

As she kicked off her shoes, she could feel her sore feet aching from the high heels she wore all day..

Amal flipped her hair to the side as she walked in to her small apartment located in Zamalek, which overlooked the Nile..

While walking into her living room she tripped at the rug edge and hit her small library with her left shoulder.. And instantly a few books fell off the bookshelves..

“damn it” she exclaimed, as she leaned down to pick up the books.. But she noticed that something else fell among the books.. An old photo album..Some of the photos slid from inside the album after the album fell.. She started to watch the photos one by one ..

One of them was her with her parents at a park at she was riding a swing and there was this huge smile on her face… She remembers that moment like forever, it brought back all those memories to her, her smile, her happiness.. Happiness.. that word kept echoing in her mind..

And all her life started to go right in front of her own eyes, like a movie  bringing back all those good memories , those moments of joy and happiness that weren’t as much as she would have wanted them to be.. Uncontrollably her lips drew a smile and she walked with that photo and stood in front of a mirror and put the photo next to her face and smiled, she noticed something.. Not just the difference that all her missing teeth back then are so white and shiny now..

But the smile she had on her face back then was more radiant..She had nothing much to worry about.. Oh how a simple swing just made the world bright for her.. Everything was in those few seconds in the air as the swing went back and forth..

Amal went to her computer, turned it on and logged into her blog.. Funny enough she called it “The road to happy land”

“Dear diaries,

After a long day at work and feeling like the cog I am in the machine of life, just doing my part, I came home tired as usual dead beat more or less and with no plans, just my same old routine.. I bumped into my bookshelf and a few books fell off amongst them was a photo album which had a photo of me riding a swing! What caught me there wasn’t the photo or the smile which I had on my face.. But what caught my attention is to how long has it been since I’ve been this happy.. This feeling of joy that is irreplaceable in the world we live in today where we are all overwhelmed and overtaken by the huge amount of things that have invaded the way we live.. Just to simply get by.. But when do we find happiness.. There are these small moments of happiness that manage to find their way into our hearts they happen but at very distant times..Is it us? or is it the world we live in?..mmm I guess i’ll spend the evening thinking about that.. Or you know what?

I just have something else in mind.. I’ll tell you later!

See you !”

Amal posted her blog and ran to her room and changed into some sportive training clothes and dashed out of her apartment, and for the first time took the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator.. She stood in front of her apartment building and just had a huge smile on her face.. She walked steadily  and crossed the road in front of her building and walked into a small public park.. It was school so there were no children.. She looked around and found a swing.. And took a few quick steps till she got there and sat on it, held the chains and began to swing herself… As the swing took her back and forth, this sense of joy started to find its way through her heart.. Her smile grew wider and wider.. And gazed up and the sky as the sun was about to set, she could see some of the stars.. “Yes she thought to herself, if only we would give ourselves more chances to be happy.. If only..”

She closed her eyes and let herself fade into her sense of joy.. As the swing went on and on..

Suddenly an elderly voice interrupted her ” Miss?..” but she tried not to pay attention,  again the voice came “Miss?..”

This time Amal opened her eyes to find an elderly man, the keeper of the park standing in front of her.. “This is a children’s playground miss..These swings are for for children no more than 12 years old..”

Amal’s face turned red as her cheeks flushed with red color.. “I know.. But can you let me stay here for just a few more minutes?”

She smiled like a child as she then added ” just two more minutes!”

The man smiled slowly as he turned around and left “Don’t stay too long.. But don’t lose your happiness”

Amal then sat back up straight and tried to look for the man.. She couldn’t find him in sight..But her feeling of joy was just too much to ignore..

She stayed for a few more minutes.. And then left and went up back to her apartment, took a shower and curled up in her bed.. And slept with a wide smile on her lips..She had found her happiness..

4 thoughts

  1. This is a wonderful blog. It reminds me of the American movie “City Slickers” where the hero needed to find his “one thing” that would put this same joy filled smile back on his beaten-down, worn-out adult face. It is capturing a part of that inner peace and pure joy that can return ones childlike happiness. Your description is both moving & insightful. Deep feelings long forgotten were remembered by reading your touching words. Thank you for reminding me how important that feeling is. Please excuse me now….I believe I need to go find my smile 😀

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