Between life and death.. Where do you go?

Yesterday I was sitting online in the middle of the night surfing the internet as usual since this Thursday was off for the 6th October celebrations..And I saw the news as it hit everyone that Steve Jobs founder and previous CEO of Apple who just resigned a few weeks back has passed away..

I was touched as I automatically went on to check and dig for more information about this man, his life and achievements…And as the day passed by and after talking to a few more people this idea hit me that drove me to write this article which I have yet to get into..

Death really is usually our wake up call.. For everything in life.. It’s like gettingp out of the water to gasp for air but then you dive again and forget.. Everyone knew who Steve Jobs was but not many really knew much about that man or what he did. But am not here to talk about Steve, his achievements or who he was as a person.. But Steve just happened to inspire me for this note..

Have you ever realized how much time you actually spend observing others and what they do and letting this consume more of you and your time rather than spend this time on making yourself a better person? How many people have you came across who are constantly so much focused on other people around them who are doing things and all what they’re doing is complaining that these people are doing so.. Like your next desk colleague who keeps complaining that another colleague is being credited for work and why he/she shouldn’t be credited, while not paying attention to the fact that they’re not doing their job and if they try they won’t be able to. Because simply they are too much focused on that other person..

Steve, as you may all have seen or read, did exactly the opposite of that.. He did what he felt “HE HAD” to do.. Regardless of who thought what or why!

We fail to see that sometimes we are our own worst enemy, we drag ourselves back and end doing more damage to ourselves than any good we imagined we were giving.

What am trying to say here is the following.. Each and everyone of us, is a unique and special individual that God has created with huge set of skills and abilities that are waiting for you to spend time to find them , and hone them .. They will not simply arise or float, You need to dig and dig deep to find them.. To be able to find how can you make yourself a better person , how can you make tomorrow a better day for you or even those around you..

Failure is part of life, no one has ever been a perfect person , or will be.. We all stumble , fall , fail and pass through very tough times.. But what matters most is how do you use such experience, do you let it push you forward or backward, do you let it be a motivator or a draw back..

Every experience in our lives is a lesson, if there’s one thing I’ve personally learned it is to turn my pains to be my friends.. To teach and show more of the value that I may have blindly missed or surpassed..

Understanding who you are starts by realizing what you are made of , your good points as much as your bad ones. It involves discovering how you can improve your good points and try to break down the bad ones to make you a stronger and yet a better person.

Your ethics, morality, your way of life, all of this defines you and you define it. You are the one who tells yourself which path you will choose, which road you will drive through.

So jump in the front seat of your life.. Grab the steering wheel and take control..

Steve Jobs is a genius and a incredible achiever even among his peers… But I am sure.. There are more Steve Jobs out there who have not yet discovered who they are.. But remember you may never discover it because you never let yourself be that what you can be…

So finally I’ll say.. “Good night Steve.. thank you for valuable lessons you have shared during your life.. But also greater ones with your death..”


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