The Vengeance of Flamia

Gerlath unsheathed his sword holding it with both his hands, his grip was so tight it could easily crush a stone within it..But “Vitakor” was no ordinary sword.. It possessed the blessed powers of the God of thunder himself “Karos”…Lightning flowed all over the sword as it shun under the sparkling the moon of Ayona…This crimson moon which shun over the lands of Panara.. Gerlath’s breath was quickening as the anger filled his soul.. It was very clear since his an aura of fire surrounded his body..Gerlath hero of the fire nation of Flamia.. A tribe known for its warriors as well as its wisdom, a tribe which formed part of the triangle of wisdom where three tribes ruled the lands of Panara and lead the rest of the tribes under their wing.. Gerlath was the fifth son of Kempachak the great leader of Flamia who re-united the tribes and formed the triangle of wisdom after many years of wars between the whole tribes of Panara..

Gerlath’s firey aura surrounded his entire body.. It even scorched the greenery that was beneath him and flames rose from around him as he gripped Vitakor fiercely and prepared.. He gazed across the field to his enemy.. A warrior no less skilled than himself.. Yet a warrior of treachery who would do anything for his own goals..”Parsanos” was his name a warrior who was kicked out of the tribe of “Merdania” the nation of seas and rivers because of his attempt to overthrow the tribe’s leader.. And now has created his small army and decided on taking down the triangle of wisdom..Attacking the fire nation of Flamia was a plot he planned to kill as many as he can and implicate the other tribes to start a war.. Despite his failure.. He managed to burn and kills 200 Flamian Orgos (Children) & Orchidas (women)

Gerlath a tall six foot warrior dressed in his Falmia red battledress the armor of flames surrounding his muscular torso.. Gripping Vitakor a long sword made only of the finest of metals in Panara blessed by Karos..Gerlath begins to speak ..”200..Have died.. All because of you.. Your incessant greed and hunger to overthrow the triangle and for what? Power? You have tried that in your own tribe and ended being kicked out.. And now you pull this..”

Parsanos unsheathed his own sword.. Also a powerful sword known for its water abilities.. But Parsanos let the dark shamans of the mountains of Iranisat put the spells of darkness on it to grant it more power.. Parsanos wore his black tunic and an armor only made for him by the shamans.. He grinned at Gerlath..”Is that all you have to say? Spare me your pathetic foolishness.. You are nothing but a puppet.. The great Gerlath they call you? Is that right? The greatest toy of all time..No power, no rank.. Just a warrior..”

Gerlath rushed towards Parsanos and raised his sword high as Parsanos held his sword up high to block Gerlath’s attack..As the lighting rose Gerlath’s sword and rushed through Parsanos sword and threw him..

“Today, I will not spare you Parsanos..I will spill your blood over this marchland.. “ Gerlath exclaimed as he began to walk towards Parsanos who was recovering from the attack on the ground..

“This will not go your way Gerlath..Not this time” Parsanos replied as he observed Gerlath come closer.. And just as Gerlath closed on him and raised his sword for his second attack.. Parsanos disappeared in a flash of black smoke..

Gerlath turned around to find him.. His green eyes fired with rage..”Come out Parsanos..You have no where to go, this will end today..Now..You shall die”

“I think not” Parsanos replied as he appeared right behind Gerlath hitting him with the handle of his sword in his back knocking Gerlath as few steps forward..

Gerlath turned to find Parsanos again but he had disappeared.. “Tactics of a coward I see.. Parsanos..No wonder your were kicked out of your tribe..” he added..

“They were weak.. They still are weak and pathetic.. Just like you.. But once Flamia is out of the picture.. The triangle of wisdom will collapse.. And even that ignorant tribe of mine shall fade..” the voice came from the void.. Gerlath could not see Parsanos anywhere..

All of a sudden from behind a dagger was sunk in Gerlath’s right shoulder.. Paralyzing it.. Parsanos had appeared in a flash and sunk the dagger in his shoulder and disappeared.. Gerlath struggled to try to pull it out..But he couldn’t .. “Yes my dear Gerlath… You cannot remove the power of the curse on this dagger.. It paralyzes any part it hits instantly..Oh I will enjoy this Gerlath..each and every moment of it ”..The blood was trickling down Gerlath’s shoulder from both sides..

Again Parsanos re-appeared and sank another dagger this time in Gerlath’s left ankle..Gerlath shouted in pain..And dropped to his left knee ..”Yes Gerlath.. Gerltah the great.. The weak.. The incapacitated..Poor Gerlath he died unable to defend his people or his honor..” Parsanos said as he laughed and disappeared..

Gerlath leaned against his sword on the ground trying to pull himself up but could barely manage since he left knee would not respond from the paralysis..

Parsanos appeared a third time..Thinking it was about time to finish this off.. “Good bye Gerlath” He whispered into Gerlath’s ear..

Gerlath took his sword and drove it through his own chest as it pierced his flesh and went all the way up and through Parsanos neck.. Gerlath’s blood covered the ground from his wound.. “You talk too much Parsanos..And now you die..” Gerlath said as he began to utter a few words.. And Vitakor began to shine as the electricity through it went through his body and onto Parsanos, both bodies shivered but at the tip of the sword formed a round lightning ball that grew bigger and bigger.. And Gerlath pulled his sword slowly inside Parsanos neck with the lightning ball and then whispered “Rain Vitakor” As Parsanos eyes widened and he shouted trying to break free unable.. “No!!” ..And the ball exploded shattering Parsanos body into pieces that turned into a shards of ice … And then faded into the skies..

Gerlath pulled out the sword out of his body..And whispered “I have avenged Flamia..I have avenged my people” and dropped silently to the ground..

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