A Moment In Reverse

They were long time best friends during college… They studied together, did their projects together… They confided in one another… Every girl he met, he went straight to her to tell her about how they were what kind of lovely personalities they were… She used to tell him how she felt about the guys she liked but would never make a single move… To her it was a waste of time… She wouldn’t make a move until she was ready for a move… She wasn’t going to date just because everyone else does it…

A very sensitive character yet very stubborn and sweet beyond anyone’s imagination, she possessed a calm soft voice, extra calm by everyone’s measure.. Her name was Zahra..Zahra enjoyed the companion of many people and the fact that she had so many friends… But she also enjoyed the company of her best friend Asser…Together they combined an unbreakable team since their second year in college all the way till they graduated.

Asser was a refined person by many people’s standards but yet an average person, he was no star but he wasn’t an unnoticed person.

The relationship between Zahra and Asser was so close to the extent that several times during college guys who would be wanting to ask Zahra out, would go and talk to Asser just to make sure if they’re dating or no.

Asser always took it with a laugh and considered this to be ridiculous and Zahra too…But Asser never interfered or tried block anyone’s path towards Zahra…If they wanted to go and ask her out, they would have to take her answer for it…That’s how Asser viewed it…

It was after their graduation that something unusually happened…A moment if you would say… A moment nor did Zahra or Asser ever experience…

Asser was going to visit Zahra to pass by her some papers…And she was expecting him..  He reached the house climbed the few steps of the building and stood there…Something was wrong… His heart was racing…And he couldn’t understand why, he didn’t run! Or climb that many steps they were barely five or seven steps at most…

He stood there hesitant for a moment… And then he gathered up his guts and rang the bell…A few seconds later he heard her light footsteps approaching the door…The door opened and there she was standing right in front of him… Something at that point at this time happened… She just smiled at him and he just smiled at her… It was quite an unusual situation they didn’t utter a word…She blushed deeply…None of them could interpret or understand the situation and it was quite unusual…It took them a whole three minutes just to gather up something to say…Asser broke the ice “Wow… It’s been quite a few weeks already…You look great!”She even blushed more and he felt like an idiot and thought to himself “What exactly am I saying!”Asser looked down and realized he was still holding the papers in his hand…And just said “Hmmm… Here are the papers…As agreed! You know am never late!”  He couldn’t quite grasp things and all what his mind could say to him “You’re best friends damn it what the hell is wrong with you!” as if everything in him stopped functioning as it should or a car that’s on first gear all of a sudden started moving in reverse!

She smiled and answered quietly…”Yeah , I know” as she took the papers and again they both stood there for a few more minutes none of them able to say anything with this odd feeling that has got over both of them.

Crazy and unexplainable.. Asser didn’t know what to do.. And just smiled and said “Well I guess I’ll get going now…You take care!” she nodded quietly still her gentle smile never left her lips and then added” Sure… Stay in touch”

Asser left, went back into his car…He sat there for a while asking himself “What was that? What happened? What was that all about?”

Asser turned on his car and drove quietly; none of them ever spoke about it again.

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