Out of his way (4)

It was a week already since Heidi joined Nadim’s company, everything was hectic, seminars to be prepared, marketing campaigns, travels and so many other things.. She saw a side she was never familiar to, the side of Nadim the manager.

Nadim’s office door knocked and Nadim responded inviting the person outside to come in..Heidi opened the door to walk in with a file that contains the company’s plans for the coming six months and began to review it with him. Nadim pulled himself back in his chair and carefully listened to what she was saying. But in the back of his mind his struggle was still going on, his pain, his fear, sense of wanting to just confront her and yell at her but what would all that do? Where would all that take him? These questions seemed to make no sense at all..Nothing did. Nadim also still kept trying to grasp the fact that he’s dealing with a professional spy but on top of all a traitor! Something he only heard about or read in spy novels!

Heidi went on before stopping “Nadim are you following?”as she asked him.

Nadim nodded “Yes I am following, but what I can see is basically you are going to turn things around here quite upside down so if you want me to approve all these changes then you must show me the needed return on investment, I am not just going to change all my plans for no value at all?” he  said

Heidi smiled “I thought you’d never ask, there you go” and she picked up another paper from within the file she held which contained the figures and details and value of each change she will undertake..

Nadim took the paper and looked at it carefully before adding “That’s interesting stuff you put there, are you sure you can pull this off?”

Heidi nodded “I wouldn’t put it there if I wasn’t sure”

Nadim nodded and said “Ok, I’ll think this over, and get back to you this afternoon, I am going to meet a client in city stars for lunch and after that I’ll be giving you my answer on these changes…”

Heidi agreed and left his office “I’ll be waiting for your reply then” she added before leaving..

Nadim got up and took his coat and left the office, and on his way out he left his assistant a note that he will be back in two hours.

Nadim went to the elevators which he so much hated because it took ages for the elevators to arrive..

Finally the elevator arrived and a few seconds later he was at the ground level and headed towards city stars..


Nadim crossed the security checkpoint and headed towards one of the famous caffees in the mall and waited for his client..

It wasn’t a few minutes until he found someone just pulling a chair and sitting with him..It was no one other than Ashraf.. Nadim looked surprised “How did you know I was here?”, Ashraf replied “Rather than inviting me to a cup of tea this is how you deal with friends?”

Nadim felt nervous around Ashraf something just about his character he couldn’t get , but he believed it was all just part of his own imagination , the man had showed him his identification and everything was very clear.. “No of course I’d like to buy you a cup of tea but it’s just…” And before Nadim could finish his sentence, Ashraf interrupted him and added “Yes, I know you have a client meeting in about 5 more minutes and the customer is a high-profile and he’s not the usually late type, I know all that”

Nadim raised his eye brows but Ashraf smiled calmly and added “We’re military intelligence, we should know what’s going on with our operatives and the people who help us don’t you think? But I am not here really to discuss the intricate workings of how the military intelligence functions. I am more interested in keeping you posted that the progress you’re undergoing now is great, and I can see your company is going to have a lot of changes due to Heidi’s presence…”

Nadim didn’t feel comfortable with that level of detail and struggled not to show it “I haven’t yet decided on that matter yet.. But she does seem to have the needed experience from the previous markets she has worked for”

Ashraf added “If I were you, I’d agree to the changes she is about to do, the returns will be very rewarding!”

Nadim responded “I’ll let myself be the judge to that, so now that you already know everything why are we having this unexpected meeting”

Ashraf smiled “I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job and the coming few months I want you to work on sort of enhancing your relationship with Heidi, make her rather closer to you, it’s going to be very important for the coming phase, actually vital.”

Nadim asked “And how do you suggest I do so?”

Ashraf responded “well get busy of course, travels, your campaigns, all for the sake of helping an Egyptian firm boost its image and products!”

Nadim’s facial expressions were a bit concerned “So you want me to bring her closer to me, in the coming period via my work, and you say this is all for the welfare of my company.. Where’s the catch Ashraf?”

Ashraf calmly responded “That will come in due time Nadim, now I will leave since your client should be arriving in about fifteen seconds”

Ashraf barely finished the sentence and simply vanished within the crowds, approximately fifteen seconds later Nadim’s client arrived and sat and the business discussion began, but Nadim from time to time kept looking around he now was sure his each and every move is being watched and carefully monitored..

The meeting went on for approximately two hours and then Nadim headed back to his office..

Upon his entrance he passed by Nour and asked her to bring Heidi into his office. Nour nodded and went to get Heidi.

Nadim sat at his desk observing the plans Heidi had put and then the door knocked and he invited Heidi in..

She walked in and sat down “So did you make up your mind as to what you are going to be doing with the plan?”

Nadim nodded “Yes I did, with the elimination maybe of one or two points I think the plan will have a great impact on the organization.” He said

“Great!” Heidi exclaimed, “I also noticed in the plan that in a 3 weeks time frame we are to set up client meetings in Geneva and Nairobi and Hong Kong! Set those up have Nour work on them and prepare yourself for travel!” Nadim said instantly..

Heidi’s eye brows rose up “You want me to go instead of you?”

Nadim shook his head “Of course not! You’re going with me! It’s your plan isn’t it?”

Heidi replied “Yes it is!”

“Ok then drive it! Now I need you to also review the company’s marketing presentations and update them as needed, review all the products and familiarize yourself with them, prepare also some small item marketing gifts to give to the executives we meet, and bring a large suitcase!” Nadim added

“A large suitcase?” Heidi asked inquisitively

Nadim pointed on the plan “Your plan? 5 days in Geneva, 20 clients, 4 days in Nairobi , 15 clients and 6 days in Hong Kong 25 clients unless you plan shopping in each and every country!”

Heidi nodded understanding..

“Ok now I need your updates before the end of this week on the presentations the strategy and what we will be updating on our contact, by next week I need a dry run on the new updates and additions also I will wait to see the gifts you will pick for the executives” Nadim added firmly

“Anything specific you want for the executives?” Heidi asked..

Nadim responded “No just surprise me! You’re good at that!” he said it in a way that made Heidi frown for a moment before replying calmly “Sure..”

Heidi left the room and Nadim sat to think quietly for a minute..He knew there‘s a lot to be done.. But he had no idea how far he’d have to go..

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