Out of his way (6)

A week later upon their return to Cairo, Heidi found herself engaged with so many tasks and then she found that every three months the company organizes what they call “A Day for others and yourself!”

Nadim walked the meeting room after summoning the entire organization on a Thursday and smiled at everyone “Good morning folks! So as usual we’ll have our A Day for others and yourself this coming Saturday. So the plan will be scheduled as follows, we will head off at 9 am for breakfast on a nice feluka down the river nile from Maadi and it will land us in Giza, a bus will be waiting for us to take us to an orphanage where we will spend approximately 4 hrs with the kids distributing gifts designed by our own company. This will be followed being taken to place where we have a specially designed set of games and challenges that are as usual based on team-work, members of different teams will be shuffled and then lead to compete against each other. The winning team gets each a 3 day trip for 2 to Ein sokhna. After the competition is over we will be taken to have dinner at Fairmont hotel followed by a short presentation by myself on our quarterly achievements and then a bus will take you all back to the meeting point we met at in Maadi to pick up your cars of course participation is completely by choice and Sunday moring as usual everyone’s allowed to be late up to 11 am max! ”

Everyone clapped for a few seconds and began to head out of the room, Heidi passed by Nadim and stopped “didn’t know you were such a great leader?” Nadim shook his shoulders “Am not, I just give my team 200% the same way they give me!”

Nour passed by them both and hooked herself up to Heidi “You’re going to come for sure right? You are going to love it! You can’t miss it you know! Mr. Nadim prepares these awesome surprises!! And gifts!!”

Heidi responded smiling gently “I’ll try my best!” but before she could even barely finish the sentence Nour shook her head “No, I’ll come and pick you up! You’re the newest member and you should be there!!”

Nour smiled “Come on you’re not going to turn me down are you? It will be fun!”

Heidi smiled “Ok, I guess this is an offer I cannot refuse!”

Nour chuckled “Yay!” and headed out of the room..

Heidi passed by Nadim and said “You sure are something”

Nadim didn’t respond and watched silently as she went past him..His feelings for her still felt odd.. Every time he saw her, his heart began to race and it would take him several minutes just to put it back in order..

But he knows she’s not who he thought her to be, he keeps facing himself with this reality and just wishes the day would come which he can confront her with what he knows and also how she made him feel and suffer.

That Saturday everyone gathered and the trip began everything was smooth they all had a great breakfast in the feluka and sang songs as they had their breakfast with breeze of fresh air!

As they arrived and headed to the orphanage, they began to distribute the gifts to the kids and at the same time spend time with them talking to them about their futures, the kids were just as happy they were used to them most of them because they see them every three months some began to bond with the team members and began to send them letters.

It was something that made Nadim proud of his team and these kids whom he saw many could just be changing the face of history if it was for him to say.

Nadim observed Heidi carefully and watched how she interacted with the team members, with the kids, the kids simply loved her, she was still as energetic saying jokes and going into deep discussions with these kids. If they just all knew what kind of a liar she is , Nadim thought to himself..

But something about her appeared to be deep and sincere, but he tried convincing himself that this was all part of her cover; she had to put on this face not to arouse any suspicions. She is a spy after all that’s what they do for a living! And he had to deal with this fact every day for the past three months, since that day she walked into his office!

Nour as usual began taking photos for everyone, a lot of people would go and take photos along side of Nadim, who never minded..

“Heidi, come on over here I want to take a picture of you with Mr. Nadim” Nour said with a loud voice..

“That’s not really necessary” Heidi replied calmly, but Nour insisted she even went and dragged her all the way..”Come on we all have photos with Mr. Nadim, you should too! It’s a fun day remember!! You want to remember these days like forever!” Nour said with excitement!”

Heidi stood next to Nadim as Nour took a photo, then told them to adjust their position.. But she kept telling them the photos weren’t as nice and asked them to keep on changing position until she got one photo which she showed it to them…

“Thanks Nour! You’re doing a terrific job! Did you take the photos of the kids with the team?”  Nadim asked

Nour nodded and added “Of course! Would I miss a chance like that!! Never!”.

“Good Nadim said as he went on to follow how things are going and interact with some of the kids!”

“Some man Mr. Nadim is right Heidi?” Nour asked Her.. Heidi nodded “That is true..”

“Too bad he’s all alone! Never heard about him being engaged or anything, he’s such a sweet man!” Nour added

Everyone got engaged with the rest of the day… As it went on and everyone had a wonderful time..


Sometime late after might night at the Mokatam heights from a long distance two cars stood in the opposite direction of one another and began to give each other flashes with a specific order, two long flashes and one short flash of the headlights, slowly the cars approached one another and then parked side by side, they turned off their engines an lowered their windows a hand wearing a black leather glove was stretched out of the first car with a yellow envelope which was taken by the driver of the other car.

“Is everything in here?” the second driver asked..

“Yes it’s all here…” the first driver answered

“Good! Keep your eyes on them”

“Will do” the other man replied..

And both cars took off into the night..

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