Out of his way (7)

A few weeks later, while at the office Heidi tried to get into Nadim but he had a meeting and she then left a note with Nour that she’s leaving early..Nour took the note and wished her a great afternoon.

Thirty minutes later Nadim’s guests left and he walked out of his office and walked up to Nour  “Do I have any other appointments today?” he said, “No, not for the rest of the day” Nour replied, “Great then I’ll go home, I need some rest it’s been a hectic few weeks and I need to just disconnect for a bit! I might go golfing later this afternoon so if there’s anything urgent don’t message me before 7 pm”

Nour nodded and added “Also Heidi left a while ago because she had some errands to do , she couldn’t reach you since you were in the meeting”

Nadim nodded and walked back into his office and took his coat and left..

Sometime after Nadim left from the office and within the vicinity of his building a call was being made, the caller “Both have left the building, I’ve sent some people to tail them”

“Good” the other voice came from the other voice..”Make sure to keep them under your grip”

“confirmed” the caller added..


Back at Nadim’s appartment Heidi had found her way to his apartment and pick locked her way in..

“Now where is it?” she asked herself, she began moving in and out of the rooms searching all around, under his couches and chairs, went to his bedroom “Seems you haven’t changed in the past fifteen years after all Nadim!” she whispered to herself…

She opened every drawer and looked into every shelf until she found what she was looking for..”The candle box”, she opened up the box and to her relief the candle was inside..She put back the box cover and as she began to walk out of his room she heard the sound of keys in the apartment door turning , she instantly drew her gun and added a silencer to it..

It was Nadim who walked in “Shit..” Heidi whispered and hid back in his room behind his door..Nadim walked into his room taking off his shirt..And threw himself on his bed..But something felt strange..He could scent something..He instantly got out of his bed and walked outside the room, Heidi tried to move from behind he door and her coat’s belt got caught in the door’s knob  which moved the door and caused some noise..

Nadim instantly ran back to his room to be faced at gun point by Heidi..”I never wanted it to come down to this” Heidi said..

Nadim at first shocked but then began to regain his composure “Oh so you’re here because of what?” and he noticed the box in her hand “What are you doing with this?” he asked, “it’s something a lot bigger than you and I Nadim, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll let me leave this apartment with no noise at all” as she moved towards him pointing her gun at his face, as they walked out to the living room..

Nadim stood there “What’s good for me? Since when have you cared for what’s good for me? You walked into my life and snatched whatever remained of it and took off, and now you’re in my apartment taking something that practically belongs to me..”

Nadim stood in the living room his towards the balcony as Heidi pointed her gun to him facing him..

Somewhere on the other side of the road in the opposing building behind a rifled scope sat a man wearing his sun glasses and having a cigarette in his mouth as he picked up the earpiece of his phone and placed it on his ears “I have them in my sight, he’s standing in front of her but if I take the shot I can take them down both” the man said calmly , on the other side of the call the voice came “Take them out, he’s not really much to us, we need the girl and the box and even mainly the box!”


“I don’t have the time to explain anything to you now! And I am not here to sit and talk about what happened fifteen years ago! I am here for this box…”

And before she continue the glass of the living room’s balcony shattered as a bulled flew in the living room missing Nadim and Heidi’s heads by a few millimetres! They both heard the bullet almost graze their ears!

Heidi instinctly pushed Nadim to the ground “Shit! How did they find me!” she said.. “Who?” Nadim asked! “That’s not the time to ask this sort of questions Nadim! Go grab something and we have to get out of here!”

“You crawl to your room , get a shirt or something and let’s go!” Heidi said as Nadim for some reason instantly obeyed her..

He got back wore his shirt and then looked at her “Now what ?”

Several shots were fired into the living room hoping it would get them to show their locations

The man on the other building whispered “Come on little bunnies get out of your holes! it’s hunting season”

“Now we get the hell out of here!” Heidi said as she began to crawl towards the door of the apartment and got Nadim to follow her..

They reached the apartment door and opened it and on their way out , they found 2 men approaching in black suits and Heidi pushed Nadim towards the stairs heading up to the roof as she fired two rounds of her gun towards the men who took cover against the corridor walls and returned fire..

Heidi and Nadim reached the rooftop and opened the roof hatch, as they both got up, Heidi tried to find something to lock it with it but couldn’t!

This way Heidi said.. As she headed towards the roof side towards one of the sewage pipes.. “This is our way down!” she said…

“No way” Nadim said , and responded as she began to climb down.. “Well it’s this or we die!” she replied.. And Nadim followed and they began to climb down the pipe meanwhile the men arrived at the roof top and began to search.. By that time Nadim and Heidi had reached the 7 th floor , the men on the roof reached the side of the roof and began shooting.. one of them shouted “After them!” as two men broke up and began to take the stairs again to catch up with them

“Slide, slide, slide!!!!” Heidi shouted as she and Nadim began to slide down the pipes who by the fourth floor couldn’t hold them much longer and broke off thrown them down all the way into a large trash can

Nadim kept screaming all the way down “Shiiiiit!!!!” as they slammed into the trash can!

Heidi jumped out and helped Nadim out “Come on there’s no time to be freaking terrified now!!”

Heidi Pulled him as they ran and stopped the first cab they found and pushed Nadim into it!

“Take us to the nearest hotel”  she told the driver as they got in and she hid her gun in a few seconds

just as the car took off , the men in black suits reached the entrance of the building and began looking around they couldn’t find them “we lost them sir”

“Damn it!” the voice came from the other side..

” But not quite…We still have the trace on Nadim’s cell phone!”

As they reached the hotel , Nadim and Heidi booked 2 rooms in two separate floors but in identical locations..”Go up to the first room and get rid of anything you have , clothes , mobile anything!” Heidi asked of him while they headed towards the elevators

“Why?” Nadim asked..”There’s no time to ask freaking questions! in a short while there will be a set of new clothes coming your way , use it! and then meet me in the second room”

Nadim nodded… He was very confused , at this point he wanted to call Ashraf but something stopped him, he couldn’t get his mind straight, he said she was a traitor but she could have easily killed him! But she didn’t , she protected him!! his mind was in a total state of confusion something that just made him feel entirely lost..

He walked into his room and waited as the clothes were sent up to him and changed his clothes…

Nadim looked out of the window, “What are you up to Heidi? And what’s that all about ?” he took a deep breath and closed his eyes..

Meanwhile in the other room Heidi opened up the box and looked at the candle.. That makes half of the of solution in my hand!

She picked up the candle and raised it against the sun light it can show that there was some sort of object inside it..

“Now I just need to get the other part , but what am I going to do about Nadim? it’s clear they’re onto him as well” she thought to herself..”I have to think of something”


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