Out of his way (8)

Heidi examined the Candle carefully and then placed it back in the box slowly and closed the box, a few moments later Nadim came back into the room all newly dressed up!

“Look at you! looking good” she said.. “Yeah well for being shot at and chased away from my own home.. I guess I can say so” Nadim said ,

“I know this is all too much for you but I will explain things to you, you have my word on that!” Heidi said as she silently looked at him..As she went to check on the window, and saw 2 cars pull up near the hotel where she noticed the same men who chased them back at Nadim’s building coming out of the cars. “They’ve gotten better at this I guess! Well time for plan B” Heidi said while talking to herself as Nadim looked at her “Plan B?”

“Yes” She replied as she went to the bathroom grabbed a handkerchief and folded it several times, “Now follow me, Nadim and don’t lose my sight we have a few moments to get out of here” Heidi said commandingly as she picked up her purse and the box and left the room as Nadim followed her quietly , they moved down the corridor and then took the to the next three rooms then Heidi stopped and knocked on the door, as the reply of one of the guests came “Yes?” , Heidi changed her voice tone “Am sorry to disturb you , I am your neighbour in the corridor and I just hit my hand and need some help if you don’t mind” during that time Heidi put the handkerchief around her hand and got out a spray bottle out of her purse and sprayed a dose of it on the handkerchief as  the lady from the room rushed to the door “What happened?” the lady said as she opened up for Heidi.

Heidi then took one step into the room before pushing the handkerchief against the woman’s nose for a few seconds as she grabbed her by the head forcing her to inhale from the handkerchief  rendering her unconscious.. The woman’s knees got week as she dropped slowly in Heidi’s arm.. “Quickly Nadim in here and close the door!” Heidi said with a low voice as she moved the lady carefully to her bed and laid her there..

“What the hell are you doing ?? You just assaulted a civilian!!” Nadim said as he walked in following her and didn’t know what was going on !

“Shut up Nadim! I’m doing this to save our hides! So close the damn door and stay quiet they will be here any minute now!” Heidi said with a tone of frustration..

Nadim closed the door and tried to calm himself down and find any logic or reason..”Who are they?” Nadim asked

“That’s a luxury I can’t afford at the moment Nadim! I am trying to get us out of here! ” Heidi said as she carefully went to the room’s door and looked outside the room’s peep-hole, she saw some of the men standing around their room and walking into it..

“Don’t make a sound” Heidi whispered as she headed towards the room’s balcony to look for an exit, She looked down from the balcony and could notice that they were on the 3rd floor and it wasn’t so far from the ground.

She opened the box picked up the candle and placed it in her purse and left the box in the room and turned to Nadim “come we need to get out of here now!”

She led the way through the balcony.. And began descending on some ledges she found next to the balcony that can take them all the way down..”I am not going to do this! This is Madness! we’re going to get caught” Nadim said

“It’s either this or we die! What do you prefer?” Heidi said as she climbed down the ledge

“Damn it , I don’t know why am I doing this!!” Nadim responded as he followed her all the way down.. And they headed to the hotel entrance and exited carefully..

Heidi and Nadim made a run for it and reached one of the cars which the suited men arrived in. The driver of one cars tried to get out but Heidi kicked the door back in and then she grabbed by his hair and slammed it into steering wheel rendering him unconscious and then opened the door and pulled him out dropping him on the floor , the other car was parked a few cars behind and the driver of that car got out and began to run towards them!

Heidi quickly shouted at Nadim “Get in!” as Nadim turned around the car and got in from the other side while she rode in the driver’s seat and by that time the other car’s driver reached her got his hand to her neck tried to choke her! Heidi reached out with two fingers and poked him in the eyes and then scratched his face very harshly as the man bent in pain , Heidi then opened up the door slamming it in his face and the men fell to the side of the street..

Heidi started up the car and took off..Nadim looked at her his eyes wide open and he could not believe all what was just happening!

“What the hell is going on!! I need to know! I have the right to know!!” Nadim shouted “And where the hell are we going now!” Nadim added

“There’s only one place we can go now!” Heidi responded as she took off as fast as she can “I will explain things to you and all will make sense , I promise! But I cannot do this now!” Heidi replied as she focused on driving until she made sure they were not being followed

Nadim sat back and just looked out of the window , he wanted to call up Ashraf to keep update him but he hasn’t got the chance not even once to do so!

“Where are we headed” Nadim asked in a calmer tone

“A safe house” Heidi responded firmly as they headed out of the main Cairo streets and began to head to the Cairo-Alexandria desert road..

Heidi kept driving after the toll station for a few kilometres and then there was a narrow dirt road to the right of the highway where she turned and headed and then a a small villa appeared.. Heidi headed to the gates and parked the car at the back of the villa..

She got out with Nadim and headed to the door, as she opened it and got in , she asked Nadim to get in…

“What is this place?” Nadim asked..

“It’s a safe house” Heidi responded

“Yes I know you said that in the car a while back and I do watch some spy movies! So I do know what is a safe house!” Nadim responded sarcastically..

“I’ll explain later..I need to go do something and I’ll be back” Heidi said..

Nadim shook his shoulders “Whatever I’ll just sit here” as he pointed to a covered couch which he walked towards and pulled the white dusty cover off of it..

“Damn this has been here for ages it seems!” Nadim said as he sat down..

Heidi completely disappeared from his sight and he sat down carefully looking around him..

Nadim reached his hand into his pocked and kept thinking for a moment if he should call up Ashraf or not..

And Nadim made his choice..




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