Out of his way (9)

Nadim had went to one of the bathrooms to freshen up as he was still a bit shook by all what was happening around him..

Nadim stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom for a while , as he turned on the water and splashed his face a few times, still staring at the mirror..Nadim pulled out the cell phone out of his pocket and dialed the number..Before he got a chance to answer he heard some footsteps coming closer and hid the phone in his pocket but as it slid off and fell to the ground, and he pushed it between his feet ..

“Nadim I just wanted to come to talk” Heidi said as she stood at the door entrance.. “I know a lot is going through your mind, and I know you hate me for a lot of things, but I do have my reasons” she continued..

“Reasons?” Nadim asked.. “Not that it really means anything to me anymore” he added..Suddenly the screeching sound from the other side on the cell phone began to be heard..And Heidi looked around and noticed the cell phone between his feet!

“You Imbecile!! What the hell are you doing!! You are leading them straight to us!” She shouted then realized something..

She picked up the phone instantly and shut it..

Heidi instantly pulled out her gun and pointed it at Nadim “Who are you working for exactly?” she added furiously “I want to know! And I want to know right now or I will put a bullet between your eyes!”

Nadim was nervous as he responded “You already killed me fifteen years ago!! What else do you want!! I am not working for anyone! If there’s a traitor then it’s you!! You betrayed me! You betrayed your country!! How do you even sleep at night?”

“A Traitor?? ME?? What kind of bullshit did you just mention! I didn’t betray anyone and I certainly didn’t betray you!! I protected you!! I left because your life was going to be in danger because of me!!

“I will not repeat myself again! Who are you working for?” Heidi asked as she took aim

“Ashraf told me all about you!! Your treason for the country and how you used me as a toy and when things got hot you just fled!” Nadim added in a disgruntled voice

“Ashraf? Did you say Ashraf? Ashraf Dergham? Of course!! I should have known that lying son of a bitch! Damn it I should have guessed! Well you know what Ashraf doesn’t give a damn about you, and those who shot at us at your place are his men! And they were going to take you down with me” Heidi responded in a more aggressive tone..

“But I didn’t do anything! I did exactly as I was told! What the hell is this all about? ” Nadim asked

Heidi looked at him silently and put her gun away “We don’t have much time, that cell phone must have a tracking device! We will probably only have a few minutes.. We need to get on the highway as fast as possible..”

“I need to know and I need to know now!! I am not going anywhere!” Nadim asked.. “This is not the time to be thick headed! Nadim we need to go” Heidi added

“I am not moving until you let me in on everything!” Nadim added and stood his place..

“I worked for the military intelligence 20 years ago, and Ashraf and myself were on the same team, Ashraf however wanted to grow in power and position.. While the rest of us were just dedicated to the team.. “Heidi said calmly

Nadim then added “So you worked together? Then what went wrong?”

“We went on an operation in southern Egypt on the borders with Sudan to eliminate some high-profile terrorist leaders planning for activities in Egypt and the middle east, we got the mission done and Ashraf went on a spree and killed our entire team, I managed to escape however but was lost in the desert, Ashraf thought there would be no way back for me and left me to die” Heidi  she said before taking a deep breath and continuing “I was saved by some nomadic travelers, and I managed to restore my health, because we are operatives, we sometimes get to record our operations and take photos, luckily I had photos of the operation and I managed to take some shots for Ashraf as he killed our operatives, apparently he had backup from a local thug and his small army, I couldn’t intervene to save my colleagues” She said and paused for a second

“So why didn’t you notify the officials?” Nadim asked

“ I did try but when I tried to get in contact it appeared that Ashraf had set the stage perfectly and framed me for everything.. He told them that because of me the cover of the team was blown and that I had escaped leaving the team exposed as they were killed one after the other and only Ashraf survived! So this meant I’d have to flee the country, during that time I had known you and got involved, this operation was…”

“When you told me you are going on a trip with your company for training and development in Siwa?” Nadim asked

“Exactly” Heidi answered..

“Now we have to go , there’s no time to waste..” Heidi said

Heidi walked out of the villa and looked around.. She couldn’t see much up the horizon..”Come on we have to go now!”

They both rode in the car and took on the highway..

Up in the horizon there were two choppers approaching the villa from a distance “We see a villa in the designated location sir! Advice on what you want us to do?” the voice of the pilot came across the radio

“Scout the area, let me know if you see any vehicles near the villa?” the voice came back

“Yes sir!” the pilot replied as the choppers began to circle around the villa and moved a few miles ahead and back..

“Sir there’s nothing near the villa however there’s vehicle which was almost 1 click away from the villa , do you want us to follow it?” the pilot asked

“I want you to chase them but stay alert , I do not want the people inside killed! I want the car immobilized not destroyed! Once you succeed capture the targets in the car and bring them back to me .. We will be however on your tail not far behind so we will stay in touch for co-ordinations!” The voice replied back..

“Yes sir” the pilot replied calmly..

Meanwhile in the car that took off from the villa , Nadim and Heidi were trying to get away as far as possible..

“So what’s the plan now?” Nadim asked

“I have managed to safeguard the photos in a microfilm that was hid in a device that was made of two parts without the two parts put together there will be no access to any of the microfilms” Heidi responded

“So this is why you wanted that candle you gave me?” Nadim asked

Heidi shook her head in agreement, before Nadim asked “What about the other part?”

“I hid it in a box in under several stones within the waterfalls of Wady El Rayan!” Heidi explained..

Nadim looked behind him before turning towards Heidi and said “I hate to bring bad news”

Heidi nodded “I know, they’ve sent two choppers after us! Hang on to your seat, things are just going to get bumpy!”

Nadim “And what do you plan on doing?”

Heidi added “I will make a run for it , and if not I’ll have to take them down”

Nadim noticed the calm and confident tone in Heidi’s voice and added “With what exactly?”

“Just my gun” Heidi replied..

And the chase was just about to begin!

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