Out of his way (10)

Heidi kept her sights on her side mirrors trying to keep the choppers in sight.. It wasn’t too long before the one of the choppers opened fire..The bullets went tracing down the roads passing by the sides of the car..

Nadim ducked as the bullets went passing by the war…”Are you kidding me!! We’re going to fight these with just a gun!! Are you out of your mind Heidi??” Nadim said

“Nadim, hold yourself together!! I know this is too much for you , but you have to hang in there!!” Heidi Said firmly

“Get myself together? I was being shot at , in my home! I am being chased by 2 choppers in a car! And all we have is a freaking pistol! And I am not supposed to freak out ??” Nadim replied

It wasn’t too soon after he said that the second burst of bullets went flying past them and some even hit the body of the car..

“This is going to be a massacre!! They will shred us to bits Heidi!!” Nadim shouted as the second chopper flew over the car..

Nadim raised his head only to find the other chopper hovering slightly over the ground and  Nadim’s eyes grew wider!! “They’re going to kill us!”

Heidi kept herself calm and focused.. And turned to Nadim..”Your head down now!” , as they both lowered their heads and the chopper opened fire hitting shattering the front windscreen.. And thebullets went all the way back to shatter the rear windscreen!

Heidi stepped on the gas as the car went closer to the chopper and the pilot rose with the chopper as she turned slightly away from him..

“They’re going to try to do this another time and they will be aiming for us next time..” Heidi said..

Then she adjusted herself and turned to Nadim “I want you to take the steering wheel the next time they do a second pass!”

The first chopper began to fire again the line of shots parallel to the car..Heidi noticed it …”So that’s it…”

“Nadim the second chopper will pass us now and repeat the same tactic again.. Are you ready?” Heidi asked

“Ready for what !! Of course am not ready ?!!” Nadim said as he tried to gather up himself..

“Good then you’ll do just fine!” Heidi said..


It wasn’t until a few more moment that the second chopper hovered over them and repeated the same tactic by landing along the road ahead of them..

“Duck now!” Heidi said.. And this time the chopper opened fire and hit the right tire and Heidi struggled to keep the car going..”This is just going to get tougher so hold on tight!”  Heidi said..

The chopper kept firing and again Heidi stepped on the gas as the car raced towards the chopper which lifted off slightly as the car barely bypassed it..

Heidi turned to Nadim “Now!”

As Nadim put his hands on the steering wheel , Heidi leaned half of her body out of the window pulling out her gun and aimed and fired four rounds at the end rear end of the chopper hitting its fuel tank!

The chopper went up in a huge fireball as the car advanced..

The pilot of the first chopper was in horror! “That Bitch!! She will pay! “The pilot then radioed his commander “Chopper 2 is down , I repeat Chopper 2 is down !! Requesting permission to terminate the target!!”

The answer came back “Negative!! You are to proceed as planned! Do you read?? You are to proceed as planned! ”

The pilot replied “Yes sir!” frustrated as he was but submitted to the fact that he’s a soldier and will obey his commander’s orders..

This time he began chasing them all along the way firing left and right ..

Heidi regained control on the steering wheel after hitting the first chopper and  continued to drive this time going around in zig zag to avoid the rain of bullets the other chopper began to fire..

“Seems this one has a bit more of skill than the one we shot down” Heidi said..


At this point Heidi had almost reached her destination near Wady El Rayan, that area that is so famous with its waterfall and nature..

The chopper chased after them as they got off-road..

The chopper continued to fire at them and this time it managed to hit the body frame ..

Heidi didn’t notice a nearby ditch as the car plunged into it and smashed into the ground..

Everything was hazy for Nadim and Heidi as repercussions of the crash.. They could just hear the buzzing of the nearby chopper..

Heidi got out of the car and pulled Nadim with her and tried to get away as much as she can , but every bone in her body hurt..

She laid down and Nadim was unconscious already..

The chopper landed nearby and Heidi could see the pilot getting out and talking to someone but she couldn’t’ distinguish much.. Her mind was as blurry as her sight..

She could vaguely hear him say “Yes Sir, I have them both almost unconscious, so what do you want me to do?”

Then he came again “Yes, Sir understood”..

The pilot put back the radio and pulled out his sidearm , and walked towards them slowly.. Heidi tried to reach for her gun but couldn’t find it and her movement was so heavy..

The Pilot reached as her hand almost reached the gun which was about 2 meters away.. As he stepped on her hand.. “You won’t need that! You wench!”  the pilot said..

As he leaned and hit Heidi on her head with the back of the gun..

This time Heidi fell unconscious..

The pilot dragged Heidi and Nadim to the chopper and placed them in it before taking off..

The chopper flew back to Cairo..

Somewhere in the back of Heidi’s mind..She could remember that last time she met Nadim..

They were sitting in one of the fancy cafes by the river Nile.. And she was watching the slow-moving sail boats as they sailed through out their journey..On that day she had decided that she had to leave the country and leave everything behind her..

Nadim was looking at her “You look distracted today Heidi, what’s wrong dear?”

Heidi turned towards him “Nothing’s wrong! Am fine! Just had a long day at work!”

Then a question popped into her mind “Nadim would you mind if I asked you something?”

Nadim shook his shoulders and smiled “Why would I? Fire away!”

Heidi asked “Would you ever hate me? If something happens?”

Nadim responded “Hate you? Why would I? Of course not? But what would happen that would make me hate you?”

Heidi “ I don’t know, but I just am afraid you’d hate me one day , but I just want you to know that I really love you, and you mean the world to me, despite that these lines sound like a movie cliché that might have been said over and over again.. But you are very dear to me Nadim”

Nadim smiled “Don’t worry about a thing, I am going to always be there for you , and nothing will happen! Nothing can happen!”

His smile hung in her mind for a while before everything just turned black..

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