Out of his way (11)

The chopper flew across Cairo landed near an abandoned warehouse…As it landed causing a cloud of dust around it..Through the window Heidi could see a black car where two men were standing in their suits and sun glasses..

“So who’s the hotshot in the car Ashraf?” Heidi said sarcastically…Ashraf turned and grinned “You’re about to find out..I’ll leave it as a surprise..Am quite sure it will be a moment I’ll enjoy a lot”

Nadim watched the whole scene silently.. He wasn’t sure how he felt anymore.. Everything seemed so mixed up…

The doors of the chopper opened and the two men from the car came over and dragged them out of the chopper and into the warehouse..

“Where are you taking us? Where are you taking her?” Nadim asked.. But before he can even utter another word, the man landed on the back of his head with his fist rendering him unconscious..

Heidi turned and shouted “You bastards!!! He’s a civilian!! He’s got nothing to do with this!”

The same thing happened to her…

As they were dragged into the warehouse.. Ashraf approached the car and the back window slid open… And Ashraf said “We have them both sir, everything is according to plan”

A cloud of smoke was breathed out of the car as the man inside inhaled his cigar..”Good good, now to break them..Let’s see what they have and what they know is the micro-film there? Do we have it?” the man asked..

“I believe we have it sir , we caught her with it, we didn’t search them yet but we will..” Ashraf said..

“Idiot! I can’t count on you for a simple task like this!! What do you mean you believe!! There’s no place for words in our business like ‘Believe’ these words are for weak morons..Now go find out what they know and have you fool and I want to know each and every update..” The man said furiously..

“Yes Sir, it won’t happen again” Ashraf said he felt a shiver down his spine..

“ There won’t be again next time, it will be your life in return..” the man replied and then closed the window..

A while later Ashraf was in one of the warehouses where Heidi was tied up and blind folded..

He took a bucket of water and splashed some of it across her face.. Heidi gasped as she began to regain he consciousness and realized she was unable to see and completely tied up.

“Now I have waited for this moment for a very long time, that moment where I can just step on the great agent Heidi, the all too familiar inside the Egyptian secret service.. Known for her intelligence and unlimited skill..Bla bla bla.. All rubbish.. You are nothing but a fly that just got lucky.. I took you down.. I with my plans and my plans alone..” Ashraf said as he let himself release his thoughts and unleash his predatory feelings onwards Heidi..

“You wouldn’t stand a chance on a one on one basis.. You don’t have what it takes Ashraf you have always been and always will be ‘weak’” Heidi responded, and  thunderous slap landed on her face followed by punch a in her stomach that forced her to bend and almost fall with the chair as she gasped for air…

Ashraf grabbed her by the neck and raised her blind fold just to look in her eyes.. To feel his power over her, he had hated her since he ever joined the agency, he always wanted to be the no.1 no matter what it took, and now he feels it in his grasp. And he can take out the revenge of all the years that passed.

Ashraf searched Heidi and found the microfilm “Ah this is what I am looking for, as Ashraf raised it to take a look at it..” he was smiling but then his smiled turned into a expression of anger..

“What is this? Is this some sort of joke Heidi?” Ashraf said as he pulled out his gun and pushed it against her cheek..

Heidi grinned and said “What you just found out that you’re not as smart as you think? Did you just think I’d hand you over that microfilm just like that? You stupidity has no limits and never seizes to amaze me Ashraf”

Ashraf was furious “I swear I would kill you right here and right now you bitch! You worthless fly!” as he punched her across the face and blood began to trickle down her lips..

A sound echoed from the far end of the warehouse “Now now, Ashraf we don’t want to be mean to Heidi! She was one of us remembering, is that the way you treat a fellow operative?”

That sound made Heidi shiver and her eyes went open wide.. She couldn’t see quite well with just one eye uncovered..

But that voice.. She remembered it quite well she could distinguish it anywhere and anytime

She couldn’t’ utter a word..

“She was one of us and she has done a lot of the agency, give her some credit for that..I am sure we can solve this misunderstanding peacefully , am I not right Heidi?” the voice added

The man appeared before her, she instantly recognized the totally white haired man who stood in front of her ..That stick he held , nothing changed about him even through all these years..

She still couldn’t get to respond, like if she was paralyzed in the back of her mind..

All she could hear in her head were echoes of sound “Come on Heidi! You can do it!! You are not doing this for the agency; you are doing it for your country!! Your father left me the responsibility of training you, his last wish that I would make out of you, what he dreamed his entire life! An excellent operative”

She tried to look up to him..And could see that same calm smile that still was drawn on his face like if it was yesterday..

“Are you surprised to see me? I thought you would be happy?” The man said…

“Mr. Hussein..We found only part of the microfilm, I assume she has some sort of device that is made of two parts and that needs to be put together to be able to extract the microfilm completely, we have one half but we don’t have the other..But I am sure she knows where it is”

Heidi began to regain her composure and smiled “So have you figured this out all on your own? Or did someone help you out?”

Ashraf was furious..

Hussein smiled “Calm down Ashraf, Heidi knows what we want and she will be very helpful to us..Unless she wants to meet the same fate as her father”

What Hussein just said landed like sledgehammer on her soul, before she shouted “What do you mean? What happened to my father?”

“Let’s just say, he knew a lot more than what he should so I had to make sure he wouldn’t become a source of bother, I am sure you understand how our business operates”

“You bastard! He trusted you!! He was loyal to this country” Heidi screamed even more..

“Well dear, trust, and loyalty are really over-rated items..That’s not what counts in the end of the road; it’s what you get in the end! And I won’t end up with just sitting in a rocking chair watching myself grow old into oblivion; there are far more important things to do!” Hussein replied calmly..

“Now if you’ll play nicely maybe, I’ll spare you and your lover boy on the other end of the warehouse!” Hussein added

Heidi did her best to move with her body and almost stood up and charged at Hussein only to receive a kick in her chest from Ashraf that would throw her back as she lands on the back of the chair to the ground..

“Be nice Ashraf, we need Heidi to feel comfortable, please be nice to her..Break her fingers till we know where the other piece of the device is” Hussein said as a devilish grin was drawn on Ashraf’s face..

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