Out of his way (12)

Hussein had left the warehouse and let Ashraf to manage things , he turned towards Ashraf “Once you get her to spill out where’s the remainder of the cylinder get rid of them both!”

Ashraf grinned a devilish grin as he waited so long for this moment..

Ashraf turned and walked back to the warehouse..As Hussein took off in his car..

Ashraf walked in and grabbed a mallet from the tool table and put his gun, rolled up his sleeves and headed towards where Heidi was tied up.. He motioned to one of the men that worked under him to bring her in the chair..The Man carried Heidi with the chair and placed her in front of the table where Ashraf was standing..

“So this is my opportunity to do everything I ever wanted to do to you! You have nowhere to go dear.. It’s just you and me..” Ashraf grinned…

“Make sure you don’t screw up your sorry excuse for an agent” Heidi replied grinning back at him.. And then added whispering “Because if you , you are dead..” She added , Ashraf furious landed on her face with a slap..

“You bitch will pay for everything…Everything do you hear me???” Ashraf yelled

“Grab her hand and place it on the table!! Now you moron” Ashraf yelled at his assistant

The man grabbed Heidi’s hand and struggled to get her to spread her fingers.

As soon as he did and had a tight grip on Heidi..Ashraf smiled “ready to party babe?”

Heidi smiled back “Anytime asshole!”

Ashraf raised the mallet and smashed it down but instead he heard the cries of pain coming from his assistant.. Heidi had made a sudden move to her right just as the mallet took its swing and the mallet ended hitting the man’s arm joint area smashing his arm in two…

The man backed away from Heidi as she jumped flipping the chair which hit the man in the chin and knocked him unconscious and fell with the remaining body of the chair on the table smashing it and throwing her off the table..

Heidi jumped backwards quickly as she got out of her bindings..

Ashraf held the mallet and looked at her “Not bad.. I’ve always wanted to take you on a fair fight!”

“Fair ? Did you just say fair Ashraf ? Do you even know how to spell that word?  Or can your brain even begin to process it’s meaning?” Heidi replied as she took a defensive position and began to walk around in a slow circular motion around Ashraf..

Ashraf shouted “ENOUGH!” as he charged with the mallet and swung it across Heidi’s face but she leaned backwards as the mallet missed her face by inches..

Ashraf took another swing but again missed this time Heidi replied by kicking him in the groin..

Ashraf dropped instantly to his knees.. Heidi moved to kick him in the face but Ashraf dodged her and pushed her backwards..

“Not this fast” Ashraf added as he got to his feet.. “You won’t get this lucky for long!” he began to swing the mallet several swings and swung the mallet at her in a vertical motion where Heidi dodged it .. She knew if that mallet would ever land on any part of her would shatter the area it hits..

Ashraf took another swing with the mallet but this time Heidi kicked it out of his hand..As it rose  in the air flipping Ashraf charged to get it and so did Heidi..

Ashraf grabbed the handle as Heidi grabbed the  end of the mallet.. Ashraf began to push with all his force..

Heidi pushed back as strong as she could and she could easily realize that if she continued she would lose to Ashraf’s body strength..

Heidi kicked him with her right heel sinking the heel in his left thigh..

Ashraf screamed in pain.. At that moment his grip on the handle loosened a bit .. Heidi seized the opportunity and just hammered the other end of the mallet pushing the handle into Ashraf’s eye..

Ashraf fell to the ground and began to scream in pain.. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh… Damn you !! Damn you , you bitch !!”

Heidi scrambled away and grabbed the pistol from the far away table where Ashraf left it..  And went to look for Nadim..

She came across the other warehouse and found Nadim tied up and 2 men standing near him.. She went in and pointed her gun at them..

“Now untie him and be nice doggeys and no one gets hurt!” Heidi said..

The first one went for his gun but Heidi shot him right between the eyes..

“I won’t hesitate to shoot you too , if you just whim..” she then added “ Now be a nice doggey and untie him”

The other man untied Nadim as Heidi pointed the gun at the man calmly..

Nadim was set free and went next to Heidi’s side..

“There’s no time to waste.. “ and then she looked at the man again “Car keys !“

The man tossed her the keys with every sign of frustration on his face..

“Good doggey” Heidi said as she took Nadim and left the  warehouse..

She made a run with Nadim for one of the cars..

As the y got in as quickly as possible and took off .. A few second later Ashraf came out holding his bloody  put out eye as his men ran outside and began shooting at the vehicle.. But couldn’t hit it..

“Idiots!! How could you let them escape !! Amateurs!”

One man replied, sir you set her free!!

Ashraf pulled the gun from his nearest man and shot the man on the spot!

Ashraf picked up his cell phone and called Hussein as soon as the line was picked up Ashraf said “ We lost them Sir!”

“ Stupid people !! I am dealing with a bunch of moronic idiots!! You are no good for nothing !! neither you or your men!”

“I will get them back Sir!” Ashraf said .. Hussein replied furiously “You’d better! Your life depends on it!”

Ashraf shivered for a moment to the thought.. And then replied “Yes Sir!”


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