Out of his way (13)

Heidi and Nadim took off with the car and Heidi had more than a thought in her mind.. “Hussein.. That bastard, after all what my father did , he killed him!” she was obviously talking to herself when Nadim interrupted her asking “He betrayed your father?”

“My dad worked for a specific division in the intelligence department and most of his assignments were given the nickname of extermination, since he had to check on agents who had defected or turned against the intelligence agency for what ever reason, money , girls , debts , anything..The last mission he was working on he was after an agent given the codename ‘the blackseed’ and during his work on this mission he was killed, and no one was able to find blackseed , and even reports show that he has disappeared since that moment on.. But after what I’ve seen today I am quite sure that Hussein is blackseed! I have to get him…” She said..

“We have to get out of here first ” Nadim said before adding “So you come from a family of spies!” , “we’re not spies! we’re agents who work for the intelligence who work for the government!” she replied frantically … “Spies!” Nadim added.. And Heidi shook her head “Whatever!”

Nadim took a deep breath and turned to her “So what now?”

Heidi responded “Now we go get the other part of the microfilm which I have hidden, they are probably going to begin tracking us down any time soon so there isn’t any time to waste! and there must be something about that microfilm that will probably expose ‘blackseed’ or else why would Hussein emerge out of now where , and why now? There must be something and I will find it..”

Nadim nodded , quietly..

Heidi found a cell phone and picked it up and made a call..


While Heidi and Nadim took off,  Ashraf on the other hand had called in for two choppers to go and sweep the area till they find them and let him know straight away..

Ashraf then picked up his cell phone and called Hussein, it wasn’t a few rings until Hussein replied from the other side, “Have you got them back or killed them? because if it is anything other than that I sure do not want to hear about it” Hussein said..

“No not yet but I’ve sent two choppers and we have a tracking device on all our cars so they should be able to locate them any time soon.. Do not worry I will make sure personally they are caught..” Ashraf replied..

“I don’t want to hear of any of your bullshit , let me know when it is done!” Hussein replied and hung up..

“Bastards Ashraf exclaimed as a third chopper landed and he boarded it quietly..As it took off pushing away from it the angry sands of the desert  ..


Near Wady El Natroon Heidi and Nadim had arrived and parked the car and got out , Heidi took the lead towards the falls.. Nadim followed quietly but he had a question itching through his mind  “So you made this anonymous call which was all in code and I couldn’t get anything from it , what was that all about? ”

Heidi turned and firmly replied ” For your own safety Nadim, I can’t answer you , and I really want you out of this and safe , so please what I am about to ask you is just do as I say”

Nadim tried to respond but couldn’t get any words out of his throat it was as if all of a sudden he was lost for words and nothing he wanted to would just come out ..

Heidi took a path towards the falls and jumped into the water and leaned behind one of the falls and got out f a leather wrapped box.. She carefully got it out and untied the leather surrounding the box and opened it carefully.. There it was the other half of the microfilm container, she took it and attached it to the first piece..

And she began to get out the mirco-film  and took a small device out of her back pocket and  placed the microfilm in it, and she raised it up against the sun , the device was a micro-film magnifier that could increase the size to 10 times its original size and make it readable..

As Heidi began to read through it with extreme focus until she came across a line that had had four letters and three numbers ‘BLSD-1860’ “What’s that supposed to mean?” Heidi asked..

Nadim stood there mumbling and looking around and then tried to figure out what Heidi was up to ..But because he noticed that Heidi was too concentrated on the micro-film he decided to let her be..

A few minutes later the buzzing sound of choppers began to arise, Heidi instantly hid the device and the micro-film in her pocket. And turned towards Nadim “Get in under the falls, I want you out of this! NOW!”

Nadim replied “No! Am not leaving you alone on this one!”

Heidi replied very firmly ” This is no time to play hero!! I need you out of this scene right now! No do as I say! TRUST ME!”

Nadim was very hesitant and there wasn’t much time to actually think and then he just decided to do as she said.. And headed directly under the waterfalls..

It wasn’t very long until the choppers landed and Ashraf came out with a machine gun and half a dozen men and went to scour the area but he didn’t need to get far.. Heidi was standing right there waiting for him..

Ashraf walked pointing the machine gun towards Heidi, “That eye of mine will cost you a lot ! as he pointed towards the bandage covering his eye! And once Mr. Hussein gets here and he gets done with  you , I’ll have things my way..”

Heidi calmly replied “You couldn’t have it anyway , you don’t even know what can you do !”

Ashraf motioned to one of the men who walked towards Heidi and hit her with his knee in her stomach.. Heidi felt the pain smashing through her bones.. As Nadim struggled to stop himself from going out to help her!

” I can’t hear you talking now bitch! ” Ashraf said as he looked at Heidi drop to her knees from the pain..

It wasn’t until a few more minutes that another chopper landed that carried Hussein , he got off and walked to where they all are..

Ashraf smiled a devilish smile as he turned towards Hussein “I got her sir, I told you I would”

Hussein hands in his pocket looked at Heidi , and then at Ashraf ” Yes , I noticed but you’re already of no use for me” , Hussein pulled out one of his hands out of his pockets and placed the gun at Ashraf’s head and pulled the trigger as he shot Ashraf who instantly fell to the ground drenched in his blood..

Hussein then turned towards Heidi ” Now I suppose that you have something for me! And I am quite sure that you will do the smart thing and hand it over and either way your life won’t be any different than Ashraf, you will not get out of here…”

“BLSD-1860? does that mean anything to you? Mr. Hussein ? or shall I call you ‘BlackSeed’

Hussein raised his eye brows  “Wow , I am impressed so you actually are not just all beauty , you do have some brains, and were clever enough to put one and one together.. Well yes I am BlackSeed , if this is what you wish to know and it was me who shot your father just the same was as I did with Ashraf here, an execution..And you know why? Because he stood in my way , he was exterminating agents like me from all over Europe and as long as he stayed away from me, I was quite ok but once he started being on my trail , I had no choice , it was either me or him, and of course in that simple equation I could never allow the ending to be a ‘him’ because simply didn’t start doing this just to let myself get caught and not enjoy all the gains I’ve made across the years, and who would have known that the daughter of agent K-59 would turn out to be an intelligence agent , but not just that but also set out on a trail to catch me! The man who for 35 years couldn’t be caught because no one had the intelligence or the persistence enough to go after me , but you.. You and your stubborn mind which is just like your father , if a job is taken you just have to nail it , you leave no space for error! And see where that go you? Sad , too sad that now I have to kill you..”

At this moment Nadim jumped out of the water , all the men turned their guns towards him as he shouted ” You can’t do that , I have everything you said here recorded on this cell phone..Now let her go!”  Nadim said raising the phone..

“Well well well”  Hussein said as he smiled  as he added”So you , you software civilian idiot think you can threaten me?”

Nadim nodded ” Because simply I’m prepared to broadcast this entire conversation to at least five people I know in high ranking place! And they will turn your life into hell!”

Hussein nodded “Well done! Apparently Heidi taught you a thing or two , but that’s not good enough”

“Nadim!! You idiot you will get us both killed!!” Heidi shouted!

Hussein raised the gun and took a shot shattering the cell phone in Nadim’s hand..

Nadim watched as the bits and pieces of the cell phone flew off..

Hussein pointed his gun towards Nadim “You’re next”

At this point several buzzing sounds surrounded the area and three military choppers hovered and in loud spears began to speak out ” Throw down your weapons.. Throw down your arms, or we will have to take action..”

in a few seconds several of the chopper’s machine guns pointed and fired a few rounds near Hussein’s feet

Hussein turned his aim towards Heidi and shouted as he took his shot ” Bitch!!” At this point Nadim rushed and pushed Heidi and the shot landed in his left shoulder …

Heidi shouted “No!!” at this point one of the choppers opened fire making a stream of shots on the ground and it reached Hussein filling him with so many holes that his body trembled with  all the shock of the bullets then fell to the ground…

Nadim lifted up his head and looked towards Hussein’s corpse , as he turned his head to look at his bleeding shoulder.. Things were starting to get dizzy for him , And Heidi got up and rushed towards him looking down at him ” No stay with me!! Stay with me Nadim Damn it!!” Heidi’s tears began to slide down .. Nadim smiled as he talked with his very calm  yet dizzy voice “Wow, I never thought I’d see you cry..”

Nadim fell unconscious as Heidi cried .. The choppers landed and took Nadim and Heidi back to Cairo…

A few days later Nadim recovered at the Military Hospital in Maadi , he opened his eyes with difficulty only to find Heidi and a man in military uniform standing next to his bed.. “Where am I ? And who are you ? ” Nadim began to ask slowly still having a heavy head..

“Son we want to thank you for all what you have done for the country and all the effort you have put with Heidi, I am Sherif El Kashef head of the Military intelligence , and an old friend of Heidi’s father, I want to thank you for helping us resolve the matter of ‘BlackSeed’ as well as getting that micro-film was very important to us, Heidi’s father was working with us when he was murdered by Hussein.. And since then we haven’t been able to catch him , but thanks to you and Heidi we have now even more lists of other defectors that we are working on capturing as we speak”

Nadim nodded with a heavy and dizzy head .. As Sherif gave Nadim and saluted him and excused to leave since he had to fly outside of Egypt in a few hours on an official assignment.

Nadim turned towards Heidi , and looked at her ” Well secret agent? what do we do now ?”

Heidi smiled and leaned kissing him “Well you know , I recall I applied for that job in your company think that’s still available? ”

Nadim raised his eye brows ” And leave all this ?”

Heidi smiled “I’ve always been running in my life , I think it’s time to go  at a slower gear and just enjoy the breeze, I’ve had enough action in my life, what do you think?”

Nadim thought for a minute “Well I believe your job is still there!”

And they Heidi leaned and they kissed…


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