Take your time…Read more people

People….This one word that holds so many meanings in it. Meanings like culture, race, nations, ideologies, minds, emotions. All of these meanings and a lot more can fit one way or another into that single word. A person is the single unit of this word and all if these meanings again apply to a person. Persons are affected by so many things that begin to build this structure we know as a persona. The experiences one lives through, witnesses directly or indirectly bring about the foundation of that persona, like the bricks that form in the end this unique character with its weak points , leaking areas and every other diverse imperfection that one could think of. It’s not an easy job to write about people or try to describe them but what becomes more challenging is to try to understand them. To make things easier for us we try to group , categorize and a lot of times stereotype people thinking this will make it a lot more easier for us to deal with on a conscious level. But is it true or right? My experience tells me quite the opposite. Each one of the unique entity of people is just as unique as a chemical material.. Some characteristics might seem alike or slightly or mostly similar but it’s not good enough to say they are the same. I’ve began a journey some seventeen years ago , to try to understand others at least those I come across. And it never seizes to amaze me the new findings and discoveries I keep coming across. Does it mean I am better or smarter, not really , I don’t like even to think of it this way but I’d like to think that I enjoy every experience and person I come across or slightly understand..I know that no matter what I do I can’t know or do or understand enough.. But this is something I gladly accept. I am on a plane at 30,000 feet as I write these words while I am surrounded by a lot of different people who reflect bits and pieces as they pass by….
The point of all this I guess is that i want to share with you at the end the few words…”Take your time…Read more people”

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  1. @Rebecca ,@Oneanna65 , @Cristian Mihai, @Patrick Latter.. Thank you very much for your likes and for dropping by . I hope you get the chance to check out more of the blog and would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Thanks again !

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