Twice Awaken , Once Asleep

I woke up once within a dream
That took me down into a stream
A stream of Hope,
A stream of Faith,
That looked like madness within the waste
A Pure sense of insanity took over my mind
In a world that lives and feeds on lies..
A world that chooses to crush you for a minute more
To make penny or a dollar even worth more
Even more worth than you
And everything you live for
Your family , or even friends
For a single purpose a single goal
to simply rule the world and take control
Greed, hunger and lust for more
Is mostly what a lot are looking for
Behold the greatness
Behold the madness
Behold the success over the shoulders of sadness
I wake up in the middle of my dream
I find no hope around
I find no stream
But I look out of the window
And something shines..
Something that brings a warm light into my sad eyes..
Something there makes me believe
Hope is real
Among the grey clouds
It burst its way through
It shines on
A never gives through
For I believe my faith is like the sun
Inside my heart it will find the run
The run and path for my life to go
To do my best and live it through


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