Beyond the bleeding flesh.. Of Beast & Man

And so they came to roam the land
A one or a million lost in the sands
Driven by time or a future unknown
Afraid to rise.. Afraid to roam.
Breathing under the fire of a burning sand
That eats all flesh and tears all hands..
And one day it happens
to great disbelief
A spark , a strike
Thunder breaks free
It breaks the fear inside their minds
It releases the blood inside their hearts
They go out to march
wave after wave
hand in hand
And never to waive
The beast is unleashed
But so is the man
They fight together
within one man
For days and nights
their blood was shed
They never went back
They never left
And when victory seemed ahead to see
They began to quarrel over what shall be
And forgot to again hold the hands
to stand tall and walk the lands..
And so today their fight continues
Against one another but not for the future
But one day..
One day the moon will rise
The sun will blast
And bring the stars..
For their dreams of purity shall remain


2 thoughts

  1. Tarek,

    This is good on a number of levels. First, the segue in form from more formal to more free, while retaining the rhythm while increasing the pace – an excellent idea. I turns you from a poet into a storyteller. Second, the sands call to mind the passing of time. One tweak: you can make some word choices that wil preserve the rhythm in the opening lines. For example, either drop the word “Breathing” in line 5, of keep it and kill the unnecessary “a burning.” Keep it up, my friend!

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