Author Interview with Marwa Fakher

First of all I’d like to welcome Marwa Fakher (Pen name; Farida Fakher)to my blog, and it’s a pleasure to have you with us to talk to us a bit about yourself and your book “Chocolate Cake”


So please grab a chair and let us begin!

So let’s start with some history,

  1. So tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an endless traveller. I find many places to visit in one place, in one person, in one incident, in one soundtrack, in one plate and in one story. That’s more expressive for someone who would like to get to know me than knowing that I’m 27 years old (HONESTLY!) , graduated from Faculty of Commerce, English Section, Ain Shams University in 2006, and currently working as the Learning & Development Manager at Electrolux Egypt. J

  1. When did you start to feel that writing is an important part of you?

When I started realizing myself….back in 2009

  1.  Have you taken part in any local/international competitions?

Not Yet!

  1. Did you attend any workshops courses?

Yes, Creative Writing Workshop with Linda Cleary

  1. What was the first book that got you interested in writing?

If love is a game, these are the rules! I can’t remember the author though.

  1. When did you decide you want to publish?


Writing & (Your name):

  1. What are your favorite genres to read?

Self Help Books, sarcastic literary works, when it comes to Arabic, and very few novels that I can’t categorize. Yet they randomly get me interested to read and continue reading them.

  1. What are your favorite genre(s) to write about?

Creative Self Writing, Stories based on true stories and light sarcasm as a way of criticism when it comes to Arabic

  1. If they’re different tell us why?

Not Different!

  1. When did the idea pop up into your mind that “I want to be an author”?

2009 when I started seeing other normal people like me authors and didn’t find anything impossible about it. That was at a time, I wanted to test each idea that comes to mind regarding what I really want to do with my life and how can I really help the human kind live better. That was one arm in having a role in influencing minds.

  1. Do you write any other form of literature (poetry , prose , quotes etc..)?

Poetry sometimes in English and Arabic.

  1. Did writing change you?

YES! It got me closer to myself, more honest towards those I deal with, and more certain of my ideas.


The Book,

Through this section we will get to know a bit about (Bookname)

  1. So care to tell us a bit about your book?

It’s picked parts of my diaries. Expressing life as an amusement park, we’re all there by default and we’re all roller coaster riders (life events’ riders), who keep going up and down and who experience different psychological levels during each ride.

  1. How did the idea pop up?

Could never know!

  1. Have you considered changing it? Not going through it along the way?

Not at any point.

  1. What made you passionate about this type or genre?

It brings me peace. And speaks the reader’s minds at many times, which brings me a sense of satisfaction every now and then.

  1. Did you struggle to find a title for the book?

A little bit.

  1. When writing do you get emotionally involved while writing any of the situations or scenes in your book?

All what I write is out of emotions, as I seldom find other channels to let my emotions free.




The Muse..

Every writer has a muse that comes in all different shapes and forms and even sometimes it’s some sort of very delicate routine that an author cannot write without!


  1. What’s your muse?

Being overwhelmed.

  1. When does it appear?

Depends on the situations

  1. How does it appear?

Going through a situation

  1. Does it require a specific time or place?

Not at all

  1. Do you scribble down notes when you are outside and an idea hits you?

A LOT of times

  1. Did you get brain freezing before? How did you handle it ? and how do get back an idea you lost ?

Yes, I got brain freezing before. I leave the pen and go do something else. It just crosses my mind again. The more I force myself to remember it, the further it gets.



The industry

The publishing industry is becoming more open with a lot of various options for the different types of authors, some prefer to go indie, others prefer traditional publishing but in the end each author has a dream


  1. What are your dreams as an author?To have my own publishing house through which I help other authors to get published
  2. Are you a self published (indie) or traditional published author? So far, traditional. Thinking of indie for my coming book.
  3. Which do you prefer and why?

Indie, in our current Egyptian publishing status, indie is safer and more guaranteed in all the processes you have to go through while publishing.

  1. Imagine you walk down a road and you see in a bookstore a few people standing in front of your book holding one of it and talking about it, how would that make you feel? Excited to know what they think of it !
  2. As author who inspired you to write?

Marwa Rakha, three of my friends; Heidi Emadi, Omar Menoufi, Sarah Guirguis and my ex manager Azza Abdelwahab.

  1. If you would give an advice to authors out there who are working on getting out their work, what would your advice be?

Be yourself, say your words, and nothing else matters!


Random questions!

Here are some questions we’d like to shoot at you just to get to know you a bit more!

  1. Favorite drink?

Kiwi n Apple from Casper n Gambini’s

  1. Favorite meal?

Stuffed vine leaves

  1. Someone you would love to have over for tea or coffee?

My Man

  1. Left-handed or right-handed?


  1. If you were given the chance to change one thing about your book what would it be? The name
  2. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or read these words:
    1. Hills/mountains.

Struggling to succeed

  1. The ocean.


  1. Song.


  1. Word.


  1. Child.


  1. Gun.


  1. World.

Is not enough

Where to find you  & your book(s):

Available for purchase in local Egyptian bookstores : Diwan , Alef , Bookspot

Facebook: Chocolate Cake Book Page

Twitter: Farida Fakher

e-mail (optional):

Well after this wonderful time we got to spend with Marwa Fakher we would like to thank her for taking the time to be with us here and share with us her thoughts!

Thank you Marwa Fakher

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