You Are Not Who You Are

I am that type of person who wakes up in the morning and since my brain is the type that doesn’t stop thinking.. I always like to think and contemplate on how the world is moving and how the creatures are living, and the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve been through.. It would seem a bit insane to many how many times I actually do that in a very short span of time.. But that’s how it is..

One of the things that always interest me that when people believe that they can’t change and I get a lot of  “This is who I am and I can’t change”.. I always believe that change is the only constant and by that I do not mean that everything can change or will change instantly.. And not to get my words the other way around I am talking in specific situations when you know someone who’s defending something ‘Wrong’ they do and give you that sort of response..Or it’s something that’s ‘Negatively’ impacting their lives, and they know it but yet they choose not to do anything about it..

The sort of response of “This is Who I Am” is exactly that perfect excuse people like to give themselves.. Specially when they don’t want to face something because of multiple reasons, could be they’ve failed before , afraid , tired of trying or many other things.. But that’s not the point.. The point is you know it’s harming you maybe not directly or maybe it is , maybe not now but on the long run or even maybe now.. But in the end it’s hurting you.. So  ask yourself this, who should be in control of their life ?  You or someone else? Are you just a paper boat that’s not even sailing but just being pushed down the stream by the will of water.. or Do you try to grab the helm of that boat and guide your life.. By saying so I do realize how difficult it is.. But the results are all in your favour..

When you manage to face your fears and face your problems you gain more control over your life as well as understanding how you function and what makes you tick and enhances your ability to assess and tackle the situations you personally go through in your life and learn how to approach them in a different way..

One of the usual answers also I used to get , “I tried but I failed” ..  It’s important to realize that yes some people did actually try and didn’t work out but that doesn’t mean give up or deny that person the effort they did..But maybe they put the effort in the wrong direction..So for example it’s like pretty much you’re faced with a wall and try so hard to break it down with your bare hands.. Normally your hands will hurt and the wall will stand still..We can’t say you didn’t try but the way you tried might have been the problem , and this is a question only you can answer.. Where did I go wrong in my efforts?

Change takes time and doesn’t happen over night or with a magic stick , it comes with effort, concentration , analysis and understanding..

Also another thing that never helps is that people don’t realize that your problem is like a bubble and while you are in the problem , you are actually inside that bubble..You are right in the centre so wherever you look, you will only see the problem.

To be able to properly assess the size of the problem and deal with it in a most proper manner, you need to pull yourself out of the problem..By defocusing on it and let yourself slowly slide out of it.. Give yourself and your mind some time to snap out of it if you wish to put it as such.. And then look at the problem from a distance, in a lot of cases you will realize that the problem is not as big as it seems to be..  In fact it’s pretty much like those instructions you find on car mirrors (the size of objects on this mirror doesn’t’ reflect the real size or distance) so the situation is pretty much the same.

And when you realize the true size of the situation you will be in a better position to begin addressing it in a better way.. And if you’re not sure, why not ask someone you trust and has experience with such a similar situation this might help you better understand what you need to do..

I believe “You Are Not Who You Are” ..But rather “You Are Whom  You Choose To Be”..Because I believe we all know about ourselves a lot of things, but we just need to discover some of them and assess some other things in a proper way..

Remember you have a great power within.. The power to change.. This power is what created so many things.. And you are not any different!

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