Changing lives.. The art of the word..Inspired by a reader of”Ruptured”

Words.. The art that allows the author to experience things that is very hard to describe let alone make believe..

About 4 years ago, I wrote Ruptured, and it stayed hanging there for another year when I decided to publish it. And it was finally there on May 2012.. Perhaps back then I thought and I still somehow think it’s the worst time for a book that’s not related to any of the events that had us all captivated which was also very normal.. And although till this very day I believe that very few have had the chance to read it, yet I believe it was worth everything I went through for it.

One question I was frequently asked about Ruptured which was “Did you get the chance to meet a rape victim?” and every time my answer was “No, I have not met any”…And it might seem actually even more difficult how could a ‘Man’ try to describe something related mostly to ‘Women’ and has had no encounter with a person who went through it.

And time went by whenever the question arose, my answer was pretty much the same.. And one day, I received an email in my inbox, someone contacted me about Ruptured…And She asked me several questions about why I wrote it and about her being afraid to read it and whether she should go ahead and read it or not.. And after exchanging several emails, she spoke out to me about being a victim of rape.. At that point I wasn’t sure how to go about this.. But I remember telling her to try to read it if she can..

We managed to stay in touch over the past year or so and it was clear from her messages how it was very difficult to just try to come near the book.. Then a few days ago she messaged me telling me she had finished it.. And it even became more difficult to ask how did she like or even feel about it..

And to my amazement of this person’s strong will she tried her best to proceed within the conversation and share her thoughts about the book..

Her reply was “The story was great and it’s an eye opening to all the people who judge you know. But to me…It didn’t make me feel good ,it was a roller coaster of emotions for me, maybe because I took it a bit personal, the ending was a surprise because I really thought she’d end her life. Overall though it does give hope, so when I reached the end I was kind of content. I hope you understand what I’m trying to sayTo sum it up, I really liked it

It was to me some sort of tasteless victory.. To feel slightly happy about my book bringing some sort of content to this person but on the other hand the agony of going through the mental torment she has already underwent and reliving some of its moments in her mind..

I wouldn’t have hoped for more from someone who I am sure felt pain in every inch of her mind and soul while going through the book..But to me even though she saw the book as being overly optimistic I think it managed to bring a faint light of hope into her heart…

We all go into a lot of things in our lives and some just manage to get over them and others don’t but realizing that through what you do , say , write you can manage to help others perhaps not entirely heal or mend their wounds but at least give them something to hope for , look up to and bring slight blinks of light into their heart, that in itself is a feat worthy of being proud for..

I for one have never considered myself as someone who has succeeded in helping despite having had moments in my life where some people have told me that I have helped them through their lives.

It brings an insatiable feeling of joy to know you are able to put a smile on someone’s face.. To get them to feel better about something or themselves.

A few years back I discovered that I can write and perhaps I should work on getting my work out because I realized that even though despite a very few read my work but sometimes it surprises me how much it affects them even by sparking up an idea in the back of their minds.

I got to learn a lot about myself and others during this period and to learn about how can words have such impact on people!

Words are magical, powerful and can create and transform complete worlds.. Never underestimate the power of what you write or say. The impact may not be direct, may not be towards you even but can be something that can might a person’s life forever. Some people’s lives were changed to become great leaders and others tyrants. You never know what you just might create in the world without even knowing it.

To that person who has taken the time, the effort to read Ruptured, I just want to tell you thank you and even more for the courage to come and share your thoughts about it with me. I have great respect for who you are and hope one day your pain will be replaced by joy and strength..

To all of you who may read this think of what you can do for others and what you can do to help people in their lives, their experiences.. You have the power to help others, make them overcome obstacles and heal their wounds and also you have the power to harm others and make their lives a miserable one that makes them wish every day that their life would end on that day..

Think, think deeply about what you have, what you can do, and what you should do..


2 thoughts

  1. That’s a great feeling Tarek … and a very positive author’s experience … guess that’s enough to fuel you up for another book 😉 … It actually comes in time for me to read this now that my second book is getting published … I’ve been thinking a lot these days about the purpose of writing … specially that travel writing in particular is not very popular in Egypt, and sometimes I feel it’s taken a bit lightly among different sorts of literature. However, your words come as a relief, it is true that among every like 200 ppl who read something I write, one gets impacted by it .. and one shouldn’t think lightly about this 1/200 🙂
    so Thanks 🙂

  2. I won’t try to presume how she felt, but if I were here, I would think the book was overly optimistic because it was shorter than expected. A trauma like this would take more time to heel I guess. But I am a great believer in the fact that the world moves on, and that we move on with it. On very rare occasions, we meet people and read things that help us do that, and maybe that was what Ruptured was for her.
    I would like to add that you are wrong, it is not a tasteless victory, it’s not about her liking it, it is about her feeling “content” which is all that matters in the end, even if it is just in fiction.

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