From Barcelona With Camel!

Today was one of those days that I can call a day mixed with a lot of emotions and thoughts..Today it is the day I decided to take a quick tour about the Catalunyan Capital Barcelona pronounced ‘Barthelona’.

A city that truly never sleeps and which I’ve had quite an adventurous day within, despite having some downsides but none the less I enjoyed it.. It started by taking the train from the lovely town were I am staying uphill ‘Sitges’ to ‘Barcelona’ Everything was great and then I decided to go ‘La Sagrada Familia’ just on the street of Valencia… It was a long walk, I managed to get some money out of one of the ATM machines.. So everything was good so far.. And just like 500 meters away from La Sagrada Familia and without going into too many details.. I was pretty much robbed.. But Anyway all is ok , I still had money , my passport and also all my wallet and cards ..But well.. That SHUT me down.. Lost interest in the whole day and even when I reached Sagrada Familia I wasn’t as excited anymore.. I took a few photos on the hopes of this would cheer me up but it didn’t.. So I went for a Good Sea Food Paella and then headed for shopping.. I had an appointment with Camel my good friend “Mohamed Al Razzaz” around 7:30 pm and it was still like 2 pm .. So I seriously considered just turning around and leaving.. Everything just seemed so gloomy and annoyingly worthless..I did some shopping and things started to feel a bit better but still I felt well angry , upset.. And Many other things.. And for some reason I was acutally upset towards Barcelona.. It was like “Yes I am a Real Madrid Fan ! But I came to visit you so at least be nice!” Odd ? I know pretty much.. I came so fascinated about the few things I’ve seen from a distance and wondered how would it feel when I got up and close ? Had no idea..

But Anyway.. I ended up doing some more tours in the shops and the mall of FNAC until Camel came.. Camel is a great friend I’ve got to know through Culturual Community  Pen h  Temple Pilots which he founded many years ago and I joined later on , and before today I got only to meet him once through one of the group’s yearly celebrations and apart from that we talked online several times.. And today was a chance I envy myself with because Camels is known to be a legendary Historical walks person who gives you tons of information that is beyond your imagination, I’ve never attended any of his in Cairo but the thought of just doing it WITH HIM ALL ALONE just was fantastic! (Just to Tease my fellow templars from PTP 🙂 )..Anyway we met and kicked it off with a lot of discussions basically he walked me through the early history of Catalan City and How it was founded by the Romans as Barcino. And explaining the Last Ramblas roads ( pronounced Ramlas which also has the same Arabic meaning of Sand) because these roads lead from the sea all the way up-north. And he walked me through the development of Old & New Barcelona.. Amazing information and amazing views.. One  of the most famous artists is Gaudi who has lots of work such as the Sagrada Familia but also the “La Manzana De La Discordia Barcelona” translated into “The Apple of Discord of Barcelona” ,which is the Catalan version of the origin of the story of Helen of Troy when Goddess Eris rolled the Golden Apple in Zeus’s celebration but for three Buildings that compete and leave you to stand in awe where you find it is extremely difficult to just decide. The buidings are La Casa Amatler by Amatler, La Casa Lleo Moreira by Lluis Deomench,  and la Casa Batllo by Gaudi .

Three buildings one by Gaudi , one by Lluís Domènech i Montaner and the third by Antoni Amatler which are main mixture of today , tomorrow and perhaps things we would have never imagined.. 

We walked down many roads and discussed so many places, I saw the Jewish street , we went and Saw the elite cultural pub called  4 Gats pronounced El Quatre Gats, which was established in 1897 by Pere Romeu, who owned a similar pub in Paris called Le Chat Noir, which after some time didn’t go well and decided that he wants to do a similar thing in Barcelona, some of the people who used to frequent this place was Picasso, Gaudi , Nonel, Russinol , Cases & Opisso and anyone who wanted to come and share their thoughts about Arts and all their forms and discussions  about literature , politics and more…

We also saw one of the places which was bombed during the Franco ruling era and how it killed 42 children at Plaça Sant Felip Neri, which shrapnel scars in the church wall as a testimony for time and a reminder for the citizens of the Catalan people that they had paid in blood for their beliefs, even their children.. And because of the Franco Era and his policies Catalunya’s hope was channeled through their Football team , and this team carries  not only the team and Catalonya’s sports hope but also is a representation for the Catalunyan Identity and personality. And this is why the Catalunyans say “Barca quelcom més que un club de futbol”  which translates to “Barca is more than just a football club.”

I got a lovely chance to walk down the street with Camel, view the buildings , the architecture.. The people of here and back home.. It was just one of those very delicious and delightful meetings where you long to taste and savor each word and thought and just let it take its time to settle in the back of your mind and heart…

And despite that I didn’t get the chance discover Barcelona as much as I really would have wanted but in those few hours I did so much.. I learned so much!

Camel’s presence was very enlightening and such a boost of energy which actually got of my mind off any negativity and gave me the boost and brought me back the smile and made the peace between me and Barcelona..

We went to the square were there’s the City Hall and right across on the other side of the square facing city hall is the Catalunyan government.. And you would notice the different epochs they were built but the location has a significance! Which is built at the Saint Jaume square which is where the Romans founded Barcino’s Forum , this is where the senate met to talk about the future of this great city!

We passed by the Opera house that has no royal seating place because the people of Catalunya built it on their own from their own money!

Barcelona is not just a city but a story.. A fairy tale that lives everyday before your eyes..

We ended the day by having Tapas which are a set of starters of choice but going through many of them which ends up being a full meal!

And Because of this I’d like to thank Camel for all the support , information and discussions he’s engaged and shared his knowledge about.. I had a marvelous time, a time full of taste, richness and extreme and deep enjoyment..

If you haven’t seen Barcelona.. There’s a lot you have to see.. And if you haven’t seen it with Camel…Ah that is a complete other game!

From Barcelona with Camel!


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