Without a try?

What’s the world without a try? What’s the world without a try?  I ask again …A slip of the foot.. A drop to the knee.. A cry of pain.. Shedding some tears.. Where does it take us..What happens if don’t try.. If we always sit back and do nothing.. No one wants to be in pain.. No one wants to shed tears.. To drop to their knees or any of this.. But such is life.. You simply can’t have it .. But you can always try.. you can always do your best .. You can always try your best.. But you know what you can also do ?

Learn.. That five letter marvellous word.. That contains every meaning for us to know..To learn from every stumble we have.. From every tear we shed.. From every pain we suffer.. A child learns to walk.. And during his journey he falls.. And bit by bit learns not to fall.. But even though no matter how much you have learned.. No matter how experienced you have been have you not heard of someone who has not fell in their entire life.. Never even slipped ?

No matter how old you are.. Mistakes will be made.. No matter what much of a veteran you are.. You will slip.. Some will do it more often than others.. But such is life.. We learn.. And we learn but it’s all about choosing to learn.. Choosing to get yourself off the ground .. To  see where you have gone wrong and fix it.. To see what you can improve and develop it..

And even if you do begin to develop it will take time.. It will take a lot of time for there’s a lot to work on.. No archer has shot the bull’s eye from the first time.. No writer has perfected the art of the word from the first day.. But they all tried.. They learned.. They tried again.. And again.. And each and every time.. They revise.. And see what’s missing.. Again.. And Again..

So don’t give up.. And Don’t give in.. Don’t say that’s that and throw it in the bin.. Don’t throw the towel too early.. Life is long.. Life is a Journey..

Try .. Try and try again.. Discover and learn .. And Try again.. Focus .. Relax.. And Try again.. Develop.. Excel.. And try again.. Observe.. Find .. And try again..

I’ve said try too many times.. For if you don’t… You’ll never know .. All what have could been but you just didn’t know.. All the possibilities and opportunities.. That you just never got to know…

Believe in yourself .. Believe in your heart.. Believe in your mind.. And yet try again.. Learn from others.. Share with others.. Give to others.. And try again..

This life is all about getting up and trying again.. I promise you no paved road.. I promise you no cool summer wind all year long.. I promise you no warm sunshine every single day..

But I do promise you mud and rain.. I promise you wet and slippery roads.. I promise you dark and gloomy days.. But they will also just be a part.. But not all..

So embrace the sunshine.. And learn to face the darkness.. Walk on paved roads and learn to deal with the mud.. Walk straight and learn to handle the slippery days.. Enjoy the cool summer winds and learn to endure the harsh winter blows..

Learn my friend.. And try.. For that’s the only way .. Man has reached the sky..


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